KitKat and Milkyway. The Disconnect kids.

KitKat and Milkyway. The Disconnect kids.

Workout Date:



Disconnect and 2.0 KitKat


TexasRanger, O’Douls, poke, bubbles, spork, HandyMandy,

The Thang:

This whole Tuesday just seemed off after this worthless excuse for a hurricane came through, if I know then what I know now. Ugh…. I guess I’m just a little burned that I couldn’t go run this morning. I am a creature of habit and I like my Tuesday and Thursday Circuit sprint training and getting close to that 7 min mile makes me mad I closed the AO.
aside form learning it’s not all about you and your needs, being a good leader is being  able to follow your gut make the right call and put others above Yourself and your needs last. My pastor had a saying in our church. Leaders eat last.
Anytime we have a potluck every leader in the church has to wait till everyone has picked up   there food…. before you eat.
Leaders eat last. So I was excite to get a text form AOQ Spork asking if I still wanted to Q the 2.0 summer workout.
Heck yes! I know my 2.0 KitKat wa a looking forward to this all week.
After I dropped both of them off at Karate we came back I grabbed all the swimming gear.
2.0 and I went over the game planned. I have to say she’s a chip off the old block. She wanted to smoke everyone. So I took this time to lead. I advised her of the golden rule of Qing.
If you can’t do it….. don’t Q it.

she wanted something like 50 Burpes

naw, home girl.  I won’t even do that in a beatdown. Why? Cause I’m not Headgear……

brought my youngest that impress me before we left, as I advised my little girl that if she could do 5 jack star burpees. We would do it at the end of the work out. My son…. jumped right in showing her who is boss. Love it! 5 jack star burpees…. added to the beatdown.
Showed up about 7 mins till…. and to my surprise not a whole lot of people…. I was worried. Did I miss something?
grabbed the kids waters and headed to plant the flag.

soon a few people showed up….. alright we got a workout….


so To the Thang



10 SSH

10 Imperial Walkers

10 high knees

5 merkins

2 burpees.

5 tempo squats

Mosey to elevated grass area.


5 squats



15 merkins

15 squats


2 twice

Run back up to the flags

5 star jack burpees.

Make pizza

AB game ask each kid on the circle what that’s want on their pizza.

Every time you ask you reach back fully extended down and sit back up,

Tap your legs saying what’s on the pizza….



KitKat want for you want on your pizza?


You reach back on your back extend back up and touch your legs…

Ask the next kid.

When all done with the circle.

Close the pizza door.

A stretch and hold. 10 secs

As the door closes.

You ask everyone to turn into a table.

Crab walk hold…

The watch tv leg on knee other hand off ground eat pizza

Switch legs switch arms drink milk.

Turn to downward dog

One arm up.

Switch arms

Now, one arm up one leg hold them switch….

Flutter kicks 5

10 LBC

Count off

Name o Rama

Announcements an ongoing’s prayers for the Alexandria family and their two-year-old son having open heart surgery

All got better……..

swim time!!!!!

  always an honor to

write your worries in the sand,

chisel your  victories in stone


Disconnect, KitKat,

mans now Milkyway

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