Kotterless Kotter Themed

Kotterless Kotter Themed

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Sunshine, The Intern, Skidmark, Hamburgler, Boxcar, Rubber, Humpback, El Red Cardo, Quaker, Rousey, Texas Ranger, Beef Steak, Brown Bag

The Thang:

50* with no wind.

I think it is a pretty common thing that the first thing a PAX does in the morning is check the weather app on their phone. 50 degrees with calm wind is a pleasant sight at 0430 on February 6th. The day before I put together the ultimate Honor to Kotter themed playlist. Every song is either in the welcome back mode or fartsack mode. I was hoping for a Kotter or 2 but it was just us good ol’ regulars.


Arrived to the AO at 0520 to find Rousey ready to go. Many PAX pulled in and I put on some smooth jazz to help ease into the morning gloom. My Honor to Kotter playlist is just a hair over 45 minutes so at 0528 I switched over to it. Called the one minute warning and at 0530 proceeded with the proper disclaimer and away we went!


25 SSH

10 Merkins

20 Through The Tunnel

10 Merkins

15 Imperial Walkers

10 Merkins

15 Windmills

10 Merkins


20 LBAC in Reverse

10 Merkins

20 Cherry Pickers


All PAX ventured to the coupon pile and then headed to the front of the rec center. Rubber grabbed a coupon for YHC as yours truly ran the tunes over to the front steps.




50 Burpees

Partner Mosey’s to backstop and back

100 Over Head Press  w/Coupon

Partner Lunge Walks to end of Parking Lot and Back

150 Merkins

Partner Mosey’s to backstop and back

100 Big Boy’s

Partner Bear Crawls to end of Parking Lot and Back

50 Squats in cadence


We stayed at the rec center parking lot and Circled up with coupons

YHC called on random PAX for exercises. It went like this:


2 Manmakers (Quaker)

10 Overhead Press (Texas Ranger)

20 Curls (Rousey)

20 Calf Raises (Boxcar)

10 Kettle Swings (The Intern)

20 Tricep Extensions (Brown Bag)

20 Lunges (Sunshine)


Dropped coupons back at the pile (Quaker carried YHC’s coupon as the tunes must be transported) and we regrouped back at the COT


We then circled up for Butt Kicks and a round of each PAX calling DOWN for a Burpee


Time to wrap it all up with a round of Mary

15 Freddie Mercury’s (Brown Bag)

10 Box Cutters (El Red Cardo)

10 Box Cutters IN REVERSE! (El Red Cardo)

15 Flutter Kicks (Quaker)

20 American Hammers (Rousey)

30 LBC’s OYO (Texas Ranger)

15 Cannot Remember’s (Beef Steak)

Plank (Sunshine)

15 Holly Dolly’s(The Intern)






P200 – get out and run

Dragon Boat – pick up your fundraising packet

QSource – 0445 Thursday at The Village




Beef Steak – baby any time now!

YHC’s friend Rudi crashed while skiing on his 80th birthday and then passed a few days later from complications from the injuries. He only ever knew one speed and that was FAST. His words to the ski patrol that rushed to his side were, “I bet I got the most air anybody got off of that”.


Honor to Q!




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