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Bling, Boxcar, Lombardi (RESPECT), Geno (RESPECT), Billboard (RESPECT), Baggage, Snips (RESPECT), Jingles (RESPECT), Headgear, Franklin (Kotter), Adidas (DR Bluffton), Fergie, Spinal Tap, Flash, Bubbles, Valvano, Hamburglar, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

The heat is rolling in with the bikers…and the humidity – low 70s, stuffy

#Warthog.  Where everything F3GS started.  A great AO with lots of space to do lots of hard work.  Wanted to come up with something that would push new and old, veteran and rookie, fit and not so fit.  So….

Circled up – on the field…like we used to!!  Totally confused everybody as they all were circling up in the parking lot and gawking at the Kotter Franklin!!!

1 minute warning and disclaimer given

Bling calls out the 1st 3 exercises as he knows the warm up routine
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC – slow
On your 6
Flutters x 20 IC
Proper BBSU with fingers interlaced x 10 OYO
Hold 6″ on the 6
What does one expect from this group of dudes.  As soon as the 6″ comment comes…Jingles says he’ll grab Bling twice, Billboard complains about being over 50 and he can’t do that anymore, Soto complains about his height, Hamburglar yells he’ll grab it 3x.  So…..much to Bling’s delight, YHC messed up the calling out of “exercise” on the IC leg lifts x 20.  I penalized myself 10 burpees later.
10 more BBSU OYO x 10
6″ again
Up…lunges x 15 IC
To Mount Myrtle

Explained the ladder system. Only Billboard got it.  Thank goodness.  Boxcar refused to demo merkins.
1 merkin on this side. Run up and over to other side.  2.  Back.  3…etc etc…for 12 minutes.  AMRAP
A lot of complaints  but also a lot of hard work.  Many men wanted to stop at 11.   Which is what we normally do right?  11s.  Well, this allowed men of varying fitness levels to push themselves as hard as they could (or wanted to) and to keep pushing…hopefully towards failure and the need to rest, rather than just go to 11, know you are going to 11, and stop without really pushing out that extra effort.

Walk to bridge as 10 count.  Next ladder.  Squats.  Geno (surprisingly) demonstrated 1 perfect squat.  That was all he had in him today!
1.  Run over bridge.  2.  Run back.  3…etc etc….for 12 minutes.  AMRAP

Partner up while walking to playground.  Final ladder.
P1 does a pullup while P2 does a burpee.
Then 2, then 3, etc. etc. for 8 minutes.
If you find yourself not being able to do pullups, jump up and hold yourself up for a 3 count
Thank you Soto for perfectly demonstrating these (helps to be under 135).

Mosey or jail break to the parking lot.


Count-O-Rama – 18
Prayer requests for injured PAX
Prayer requests for safety in the community this week/weekend
Prayer requests unspoken
by YHC

– Truly great work by 16 of the 18 guys there.  The other 2, you know who you are.
– Seriously though, that was tough.  My watch clocked 2 miles and a ton of merkins and squats and a decent amount of pull ups and burpees.  Some were more, some less, but everyone was panting and sweaty.
– There is no better mumblechatter or experience than at #WH.  Jingles banter and homo-erotic comments, Flash stripping off his shirt to reveal a Greek Godlike physique that silences all (except maybe Bridgette), Geno bashing Bling the whole time, Lombardi wandering off by the picnic tables looking for a snack, Billboard talking about how he wished he had his bike, Baggage telling everyone he would do his VQ in June, Snips and Fergie with great jibes here and there, Hamburglar literally never stops moving or talking, or quite frankly, looking amazing in that tank top, Soto telling everyone he is NOT from Portugal, Boxcar asking 17 guys what shoes and socks they wear, Spinal Tap and Bubbles quietly sprinting on every lap, Valvano talking about his butt soreness, and even our DR Adidas looking bright in the highlighter yellow top, and asking about Jingles’ bionic hip.

– Watch Slack for information on Monday – Memorial Day – The Murph and possibly more
– Help Flash fill the Q sheet
– Flash is moving…again
– Freed to Bleed July 16 and every 56ish days thereafter until 2050.  Sign up for all of them.


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