Land of the Lost Backblasts – A Recap of Elite Fridays for the Month of July

Land of the Lost Backblasts – A Recap of Elite Fridays for the Month of July

Workout Date:



Spork, BeefSteak, ERC, Brown Bag, Flash, Sunshine


Elite PAX- you know who you are

The Thang:


AO: The Village

Conditions: Intense

Elite Friday has been a huge success and brought out the creativity in all the PAX who took on the Mystery Q and definitely challenged all the PAX who chose to attend. Each week was tough and never the same physically or mentally. We had our regular PAX and some imports from around the region as well as the Nation join in the fun!

Every Q was unique and at the end of each beatdown each PAX was grateful for the increase intensity! Q’s were rewarded with personalize coupons, F3 Patches & Cuzzies, but the real gift was realizing we could all push each other  harder, longer, and faster! There were no modifiers! YHC greatly enjoyed each Elite Friday . . . you never knew what would happen or who would lead. You had to commit to the unknown & rise to the challenge.

Believe it or not but March 14th was the 1st installment of Elite Friday, then we went dormant during the lock down (except for Brown Bag’s Elite Friday call out during the 1st week of the Texas Ranger’s Stupid April Challenge [TRSAC]), and cranked back up at the May 4th Re-opening. By the end of June those who attended Elite Friday regularly (not sure if anyone was able to post every Friday) were finding a new level of fitness & were chopping at the bit for more!

As the final month (July) of Elite Friday approached,  YHC started looking for an accelerant to the pain & decided to pre-run from the Hulk to the Village & back again. Each week fellow PAX joined YHC for the run as we continue to push each other to the next level.


The first week it was a solo run to The Village. YHC started with the Hulkamaniacs but had to push the pace in order to arrive somewhat on time. YHC arrived just after the COP began. Spork had the honor of Qing this week’s episode of Elite Friday.

There was plenty of block work and running around the main parking lot. . .Check Spork’s timely backblast (wink wink) for the details!

YHC during COT announced that he would run to the beach and back immediately after prayers if any other PAX would like to join him. TR started taking the bait, but spit the hook out (something about 2.0 duty).  Then I had a second nibble from Castaway and I set the hook with authority. YHC was not letting this one get away! Besides, Castaway is a young guy and needs the extra calorie burn.

I thought he’s single so that rules out a lot of possible excuses. He was a lock. Anyway we ran a leisurely/fellowship pace to the beach and back.  Castaway acted as if YHC needed to take it easy on him, but we all know it was the other way around. As we ran, we talked & got to know each other a little bit better. I learned not only that Castaway is a true local, but he is also a father, a banker, and baseballer from the Citadel.

There’s no better way to top off an Elite Friday Beatdown then to run with a man who is literally ½ your age!

Castaway pushed through the entire route and then peeled off at The Village while YHC continued on my merry way back to The Hulk.


The Second week of pre-running from The Hulk found YHC arriving 30 seconds prior to the official start of Elite Friday thanks to Hamburglar who set the pace. So either YHC’s getting faster or the clock is getting slower. Hamburglar ‘dropped’ YHC off at the Village as he and his fellow Hulkamaniac continued running to the beach.

Hambruglar may not have stayed for Elite Friday, but all PAX who posted this morning were super excited to find BeefSteak was on Q!

Not that YHC had any say in the matter, but Beefsteak’s BeatDown started off with an undisclosed number of laps around the Shovel Flag Parking Lot at 75% of full throttle. #CrowdPlease. We then ran to the Coupon Pile for a couple of sets of “Crazy 8’s”. Then we ran some more. Finally finishing it out with 2 short track “Catch Me If You Can!!”

Luckily for YHC, my legs still had a little juice left in them for the return trip to the Hulk. FYI: I would have ran to the beach again this week if any other PAX wanted to join me. Unfortunately there were no takers! Everyone was smoked!!


Today it felt as though YHC took a mythical rainbow bridge (Biforst) from The Hulk to The Village because when I arrived (2 minutes early thanks to Hamburglar as the pace car) a shadowy figure dressed like Thor was stealthily exiting his car. Either this PAX was the mystery Q & planned a themed workout or he used up all of his workout gear & had to resort to raiding his Halloween/Fantasy Closet at the last minute.

Our mystery Q, ERC, wanted to be addressed as Thor, however, the Lokki in me just couldn’t comply. We compromised and substitute a shout of “Thor” for every “4” during COP exercise cadences. Thor’s Hammer was also used to mark cadence until it became too unwieldy.

Note to future PAX who want to participate in Cosplay, rigid chest armor and helmets do not bode well during SSH, TTT, or for most other exercises!

ERC then shedded the costume and led the PAX out of the AO, across Bypass 17 to lined up at the streetlamps on 61st Avenue N.

You guessed it! Sprints between streetlamps with various exercises in between as an Elite Friday Recovery! We worked are way west towards the Inter-coastal. At the 3rd lamppost a neon yellow shirted figure came running right at us!

Where was Thor when you needed his protection??

Luckily for us it was a wayward Headgear looking for the Hulkamaniacs! Headgear checked the website for the Hulkamania start time which said 5:30, however, this was a misprint (5:15 start has not been altered). Knowing that he would not find the Hulkamaniacs after such a late start, Headgear opted to join the Beatdown which made YHC super happy because now I would have a running partner, Headgear, on the return trip to the Hulk.

There were plenty of sprints today with a bearcrawl intermission around the turn-about at the terminus of 61st Avenue. That was one big traffic circle and one long grueling bearcrawl #Crowdpleaser!!

After the turn-about ERC regrouped the PAX and we continued our sprints & exercises north on Marina Parkway. ERC must have been somewhat disoriented from the bearcrawl because we kept sprinting further and further away from the AO as time was ticking down. With 10 minutes to spare ERC asked YHC to find our way home.

This meant going cross-county through recently cleared lots, over silt fencing, and across Bypass 17 until we reached 67th Avenue. On 67th Avenue we continued to run thinking that we could enter the AO through the side gate, however, due to Covid 19, the side entrance was locked. We all improvised our own entry points by climbing the 6 foot chain-linked fence and arrived back at the Shovel Flags right at 6:15! This was definitely a well-planned Wienke! Check ERC’s timely backblast for the details (wink wink)

After the closing festivities YHC & Headgear ran 1.7 miles once more back to the Hulk.


5 PAX converged on the Hulk for Hulkamania. 2 PAX (Hottub & Sunshine would continue the traditional Friday run) while 3 PAX (YHC, Hamburlar, & Headgear) would run to & from Elite Friday at the Village.

At 5:15 someone reminded the other PAX that ERC also HC’d for the run to the Village and as we looked down the Hulk service road we saw a faint light approaching. YHC thought to himself that he needed every second of the 15 minutes to get to The Village on time, however, we will leave no man behind. We waited patiently for ERC and started our race to The Village at 5:17. Our only hope was to try & keep pace with Hambuglar (#Machine). 1.7 miles & 13 minutes later we all arrived at The Village right on time!

Our mystery Q, Brown Bag, stepped into the center of the COP, dusted off his knee, & jumped right into motivational oration of a man who completed in Last Man Standing Competition which took him 37 hour of running to earn his crown (A far cry from our measly 13 minute pre-run). Hamburglar immediately stated that he needs to enter one of these competitions locally! I have no doubt he would win!

Brown Bag has been nursing a knee injury for most of the month and modified each beatdown over the past couple of weeks to get it health for today’s beatdown. Today’s theme like his opening speech was ‘Last Man Standing’ which included physical as well as mental toughness for success. To see which PAX could last the longest and be the strongest.

In between each physical/mental competition, we Indian Ran around the soccer fields then sprinted back to the staging area. Most of the competitions ended in a tie because at least 2 PAX refused to give in to the pain or one another! All PAX got better!

See “Last Man Standing” BackBlast 7/17/2020 – Timely Backblast! (T-Claps)

Then it was time for Headgear, Hambuglar, and YHC to make the return trip to the Hulk! NOTE: each week the number of PAX pre-running from and to the Hulk has steadily increased.

7/24/2020 – Flash on Q

This week found runners coming in from all over the region to get a pre-run prior to the 2nd last Elite Friday of the season. Hamburglar & YHC met at the Hulk to begin, ERC ran from his home in the Bluffs through the Hulk to the Village, and Headgear ran from the Village to the Hulk then back again.

Hamburglar was nursing a pulled muscle from the previous day’s beatdown and my legs were weary due to 3 beatdowns in a row leading up to today. We agreed to push it today but also understood that no records would be set.

With 2 minutes prior to go time, ERC came running north out of the shadows of the Hulk service road. When he got to the parking lot, he turned off his headlamp, said hello, and stated that he is going to continue to run ahead & we can try to catch him.

Hamburglar & I waited till 5:15 to see if anyone else would post. With no other takers, we took off at a friendly 8:30 pace toward the bridge. As we started up the bridge, we were met by Headgear running from the Village as he promised he would. He turned around with us and all three of us kept running towards Elite Friday.

Headgear was all warmed up and moving fast; he also confirmed that ERC was just ahead of us. Try as we might to catch him, though, our legs just couldn’t muster a quicker pace.

When the runners arrived at the Village, we were greeted by Flash and his luscious locks, Weedeater, and Texas Ranger.  Flash, looking eerily like Slash, entered the COP to lead today’s Elite Friday Crew.

The Beatdown was intense from start to finish! We did full body block work up & down the parking lot while using each parking line as an exercise marker. There were Blockee/Thruster movements for one series and Merkin/Squat/Plank Jacks for another. All I know is that every PAX was pushed to the brink and then we ran and did some more block work. Everyone was smoked as time was called. Read all about it with Flash’s timely BackBlast (wink – wink)

After the COT, ERC hitched a ride back home, Headgear drove off into the sunrise b/c he started and ended his pre-run from the Village; and Hamburglar & YHC took a leisurely pace back to the Hulk for another great Elite Friday.


Although YHC was unable to attend the final Elite Friday, rumor has it that Sunshine finished it off as strong as it started with a trip to the Bridge for some Elite Dora!

But before Elite Friday began Rubber, Sunshine, Hamburglar, Headgear, & ERC pre-ran. This was strong number for the final pre-run & YHC was proud of the men who finished the pre-run to Elite Friday off strong.  Read all about it in Sunshine’s timely BackBlast (wink-wink)

All said and done 13 PAX attend the last Elite Friday beatdown! T-claps to Texas Ranger for his vision and leadership! Elite Friday was a HUGE success and everyone who attended any of the Elite Friday Beatdowns can attest that it was an exhilarating experience. I for one look forward to next year’s implementation of Elite Fridays!



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