Last 2.0 Workout of the Season! …maybe

Last 2.0 Workout of the Season! …maybe

Workout Date:



Headgear, SEALBreak(2.0), TipToes(2.0)


Spork, HotRod(2.0), Bubbles, BubblesJr(2.0), Sade, ChocolateChex(2.0), Disconnect, KitKat(2.0), MilkyWay (2.0), Po, HangTen(2.0), E??(2.0), Skidmark, Osprey(2.0), ReesesPieces(2.0), Gambler, Cheetah (2.0, FNK), QIC: Headgear, SEALBreak(2.0), TipToes(2.0)

The Thang:

AO: 2.0 Workout

Conditions: Hot/Humid

The last 2.0 workout of the summer!  AOQ, Spork needed a Q and YHC and my 2.0s jumped in.  TexasRanger brought bomb pops last week and set a precedent there and last summer we had water balloons so we gotta do that too.   YHC struck out on finding water balloons on a WallyWorld run but Disconnect came through and scored 300 balloons at the other place.  YHC and my 2.0s grabbed some gear out of the garage, stopped off for some bomb pops and headed out to scope out the opportunities at the WWP clubhouse grounds.  The location is great and there is plenty to do! Now time for the workout and ready to go with some reluctant 2.0s

1 minute warning


Tiptoes…kinda…SSH x10 IC

SEALBreak..kinda…FrogJumps x10 IC

Mosey lead by SEALBreak to the Tennis Court Gate

PAX Choice to BubblesJr w/ a little help from Bubbles for 10 HandRelease Merkins.

Mosey led by SEALBreak near the lake to the corn hole boards.

Crab Walk between the corn hole boards.

Mosey led by SEALBreak to the playground.

2.0s will go across the monkey bars and then climb up the climbing wall.  Dads will help them.  Do SSHs while waiting…there were actually no SSHs completed but that’s okay…modify.

Mosey lead by SEALBreak out of the playground to the grassy area by the lake towards the parking lot.

BearCrawl up the grassy hill.

Tug-O-War: split 2.0s into two teams…comment was made that this was the most even tug-o-war ever as the rope did not seem to move for a while.  Each team ended up with a win.

Mosey led by SEALBreak back to the tennis courts.

DodgeBall – same teams while dads join in where ever.  This was a shameless opportunity to unload some old promo footballs YHC had in the garage.  Bubbles got taken out by one of the younger 2.os and vowed revenge.

Mosey back to the shovel flag where Disconnect, KitKat and MilkyWay had a surprise for us.  Two buckets full of water balloons. The 2.os didn’t need much explanation here and went through 300 water balloons pretty quickly.  We were all soaked and ready for a swim.






YHC had a blast.  My 2.os did as well.  We had a similar experience to some of you with my reluctant 2.0s not wanting to lead but giving them opportunities to lead in their own way is a good thing IMHO. Failure is okay as it is part of the LDP.  Heck, some of the PAX are still reluctant to Q.  That’s okay too…for now.   We are #FreedToLead and the #HIM  of F3 are developing leaders while paving the next 43 feet of road.  Hope this summer was memorable for our 2.0s.  Thank you to Spork for stepping up to lead.  The location can’t be beat and we even picked up some FNGs/FNKs in the process.  Thank you to all who stepped up to Q and those that brought their 2.0s out for the fun.  YHC overheard some conversation and seems there is a chance that this wasn’t really the last 2.0 workout of the summer. Stay tuned!  Always an honor to lead…especially with my 2.0s!

Headgear, SEALBreak and TipToes out!!!!!

Note: Sorry if I missed your 2.0s names.  I tried my best to get everyone that was there.


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