Last minute plan change

Last minute plan change

Workout Date:





Judge Judy, O’douls, Crabs, Pikachu QIC Co-3Rd F Q

The Thang:

These BB are really starting to pile up here. Second this week and still one more to go. But 1st challenge has its way of pushing our bodies. With my ankle injury the pre runs are out so I need to start rucking to switch it up. I don’t like to recycle Q and do the same thing over and over again.. Keep it fresh and new things the best I can. I had low hopes for numbers since Valvano had two pax on Tuesday and not much chatter drumming up pax so I tried to get the pax engaged and well the numbers were doubled but still a bit off.

One Minute Warning


COP 15 Ea, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 10 Ea LBACF Big Arm Circles F, LBACR, Big Arm Circles R, 15 SSH

During the warmup O’douls has a request Texas Ranger, yes he had a request. O’douls asked for More Cardio in the workout so during the warmup I came up with a audible plan. Start with a Mosey around the AO.

  1. Chest Sliders, start on knees and slide left/right chest touches ground 200 Ct Dora style 
  1. Mosey to the newly purchased Agility ladder which I had a lot of upper body exercises planned but decided to mosey for about 1.5 miles around the parking lot with foot work in the ladder mixed in with Merkins and side plank walk. This chewed up a majority of the time. We did cardio for a solid 15 minutes here. QIC Texas Ranger. No help. 😂
  1. Mosey back to sliders, left arm out chest touch the ground, right arm same while on knees. Four Rounds total.

Circle up for Mary

Pikachu 10 Iron Maiden Cross

O’douls 10 Freddy Mercury

Crabs 10 Leg throws

Judge Judy 10 Box Cutters


Count 4


Announcements 1st Challenge, Christmas Party, Carolina Forest 5K

Praise for the Crabs family and their successful adoption! Gods doing great work with this man and his family

Prayers unspoken