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Quaker,Hottub, Skid Mark


Hottub, Skid Mark/King Kong, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 39 degree, calm

It’s been over a month since YHC last ran with his brothers at Hulkamania (#FastestAO) and at least that long since a B.B. was posted!! YHC misses everything about Hulkamania. YHC misses the desolate drive down Frontage Rd B-2; sliding into the gravel lot; 30 seconds of stretching; lighting of the headlamps; the Bridge; & the final sprint back home. Most importantly, though, YHC misses all the men who proudly call themselves Hulkamaniacs!! Some of us are runners, most are not, but all PAX love the exhilaration running wide open. It doesn’t matter what one’s pace is, it’s the thrill of the chase.

Last night 5 PAX HC’d for today’s festivities, but by the 2 minute warning it was only Skid/Kong and YHC ambling about the parking lot with our bright/florescent yellow running gear. Skid/Kong is well on his way to 500 miles goal this year and was eager to begin. YHC, however, was lagging just a little behind in the mileage count. If YHC includes today’s run it will make exactly 2 days of running this month and unless today’s run is for 43 miles, my monthly numbers are way down to meeting 500 mile mark for the year.

Hottub then arrived in his new Garnet Chariot (Ram 1500). He says he got $5,000 off due to the color, but YHC believes he is a closet Gamecocks Fan!! #SpursUp. Skid/Kong commented that he liked Hotub’s “Dual Exhaust” #TMI (especially after his insight on Mountain Climbers yesterday at the Village). With that said, Hottub informed us that Sunshine would not be joining us today due to an injury flare-up. Flyover was also a no-show and may have been intimidated by the potential pace & miles that may be achieved today. #JustKidding (This man is one of our fastest PAX). Apparently Backdraft was also looking to join us but when he didn’t get a response on Slack he opted for the Village.

Skid/Kong did some bumper stretches as each PAX evaluated whether or not he was wearing the proper number of layers. Hottub seemed slightly underdressed, YHC shedded one layer but still felt a little over dressed, and Skid/Kong was wearing the ‘Goldie Locks Gear’, which was just right. The headlamps & light sticks were lit.

5:14 – 1 Minute Warning

5:15 – Go Time!!

Down frontage road . . .up & over the Bridge . . . down the other side and straight ahead into the Gloom. We continued straight on Col. Bob Bell Path until it intersected 62nd Avenue. We then crossed Bypass 17 and headed north towards the Village. Texas Ranger was on Q at the Village and we wanted to swing by to say, “Hello”. As the PAX ran into the Village we noted numerous cars in the lot and then came upon the 5 Village PAX curling cinder blocks. Hellos were made as the Hulkamaniacs ran past and onto the soccer fields for the 1st of two “Victory Laps” around the AO.

YHC was a bit worried that the grass would be wet which is not a good thing; Having wet feet while running in 39 degrees is not enjoyable, however, the grass seemed like it was recently cut and  was covered only slightly with dew. Now that PAX didn’t need to worry about wet and cold feet, we just enjoy the run and our time together. At this point, YHC began realizing that he was overdressed & was thankful that he shed one layer already before that run began. YHC thought he would just tough it out and re-evaluate gear later.

As we started our 2nd “Victory Lap” the Village PAX were doing Rocky Balboas on the curve. The Hulkamania PAX did our part to encourage the others by singing (?) the Rocky Theme Song . . .“Nanna-nau, Nanna-nau” – “Getting Stronger”. YHC continued to feel a bit overheated during this lap

We then finished our loop around the AO and headed out of the Village. Luckily, Hottub then stopped to tie a shoe which gave YHC enough time to shed his top layer of gear. (oops 2 layers came off). YHC was definitely no long overdressed or over-heated. His legs were starting to feel the burn, though!

As we nearing Bypass 17 we reviewed safety issues & close calls; reminding each other to “cross on the green . . .not in between”. We continued along 62nd Avenue then turned left on to Claire Chapin Epps Drive.

Because of all of the new communities being built, the PAX were cautious when transferring from the sidewalks to the roads and back to the sidewalks. YHC was so cautious of the uneven transitions that he let his guard down & tripped on a shadow; hitting the ground in slow motion.

As YHC was falling he recalled a reference to Jingles and his graceful fall at Warthog in a past Post. YHC tried to land soft, roll, and bounce back up but my wrist, shoulder, and knee told me that my fall was not as graceful. I assured my fellow PAX that I was ok. Skid/Kong said, “I thought about catching you” but ultimately believed he should let gravity take its course. It was a smart, split second decision; after all it is easier for 2 PAX to carry one injured PAX. If we both got hurt, Hottub would have had to carry both of us back to the Hulk! #NoManLeftBehind

The PAX ran past the Barc Parc and back onto Col. Bob Bell Path. We then picked up the pace as we ascended the Bridge. The pace continued to increase down the Bridge. When we re-entered Frontage Rd 2-B all PAX sprinted the final l50 yrds back to the Hulk.

5:55 – Time Called!!

4.4 miles at a 9.01 minute pace

Count-o-Rama = 3


Hottub prayed for us & our fellow PAX who could not be with us today. Hottub thanked the Lord for F3 & the friendships we continue to build.






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