Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

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Lombardi, Boxcar, Jeter, Fergie, Oncecall, Bling, Headgear, Rousey, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

The men of Waverucker have been getting after it with some amazing beatdown the past few weeks. Not wanting to get anyone hopes up for another amazing beatdown this morning, I gave a pre-disclaimer that I had nothing planned and would be making this Q up as I went along, oh and to please bring snadbags, just in case. You would think that I would learn by now that this pre-disclaimer was not needed because no-one expects amazing beatdowns from me, Bling was even nice enough to tell YHC this morning that he view this as his rest/recovery workout.

9 brave souls arrived to the parking lot this morning to enjoy the beautiful 58° morning. There was no wind today so for once the AO wasn’t 10° colder than what the temperature says. My plan this morning was to return back to when waverucker would pay homage to a significant person, time, place, event in history. So YHC picked two of the biggest event anniversaries that happed during the last two weeks.

Everyone eventually got out of their cars, gathered their rucks and sandbags. YHC gave a 1 minute warning, a disclaimer, and informed the pax that the bags could stay behind as we did a 1 mile worm up ruck around the pond. During the mile we got to catch up with Onecall who was back from visiting family in New Jersey, and Rousey fresh from his undisclosed adventures from earlier in the week.

After the mile warm up we broke up into teams of two, YHC was the odd man out, and I didn’t have a partner. We made our way to the baseball field. Our fist significant event that we would pay homage to was Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time homerun record.  At 910pm on April 8th 1974, Hank Aaron hit a homerun number 715 over the wall in left center field. Vin Scully was calling the game and after Hank Aaron crossed home plate said the following:

“What a marvelous moment for baseball. What a marvelous moment for Atlanta and the state of Georgia. What a marvelous moment for the County and the World. A black man  is getting a standing ovation in the deep south for breaking a record of an all time baseball idol. Ant is is a great moment for all of us and for particularly Henry Aaron.”

Hank Aaron would go one to hit 755 homeruns in a playing career that lasted 33 years and saw him play in 25 All-Star games. When he retired from playing he had more homeruns that Babe Ruth, more RBI’s than Lou Gehrig, would score more than Willie Mays.

Video of Aaron 715th Homerun:

Video overview of Hank Arron’s legacy:

To remember and honor this achievement we would do dora, homerun sandbag throws. Partner 1 would do sandbag throws starting at home plate and going to all the bases till returning to Homeplate. simulating a homerun. Partner 2 would run from Homeplate to the left center field fence, where Hank Aaron’s homerun left the stadium, and back would would do that till partner one reached home plate. Then they would switch positions. After both partners completed the lap around the bases we took a 10 count and did it again.

After completing the second tour around the base paths we dropped the sandbags off at our cars and did another mile lap around the pond.

After the mile we retrieved the sandbags and went to the track around the enter your choice of sport here field. Our second moment that we would remember was Tiger Woods wining his first Masters tournament at the age of 21 on April 13th 1997. He won by 12 stokes and his score of -18 (270) broke Jack Nicklaus’ score of -17 (271) which was the record for the past 32 years. As we all know Tiger Woods would go on to have a prolific career.

To remember this achievement the pax got into their teams again and we would do sandbag throws across the field and back. This time the pax would alternate turns simulating a best ball, captains choice, scramble golf outing.

Once all pax got back we would do our 3rd mile around the track with the teams caring a sandbag for a mile. partners would switch the sandbag between them after every lap.

We ended this morning with some stretching and BOM.

Some other minor event that happed today:

  • Abraham Lincoln was shot shortly after 10 p.m. in 1865, by John Wilks Booth while attending a play at Ford Theater. He will die at 722 a.m. on April 15th
    • Bonus points if you can name the play.
  • The RMS Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic on her madden voyage at 11:40 p. m. (ships time) in 1912. The ship will sink at 2:20 a.m on April 15th and over 1500 people will die.


  • freed to bleed
  • GrowRuck
    • If your on the fence or need financial support/assistance for the entry fee get up with Headgear

Prayer Requests:

  • Jeter has family driving down from Mass. Prayers for safe travel
  • Hoser’s dad and stepmom are driving from California to visit. Safe travels form them
  • Onecall’s cousin for continued support, and comfort for her and her family as she continues to battle ALS.

YHC closed out in prayer and what better way to close this backblast then with a quote from Hank Aaron when asked about how he felt breaking Babe Ruth’s record, “Thank God its over. Thank you”

The play that President Lincoln went to see at Ford’s Theater when he was shot was “Our American Cousin”


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