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Local/Loco Motion

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The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania/Hasselhoff

The Hulkamaniacs were looking or a little something different to spice up our Friday run group. Hulkamania is very consistent: On Fridays, we always start at the Hulk and typically run to the beach and back for 5 miles, but on Sundays we look for different locations to test our mettle going for 8-10 miles (sometimes 14 to 15!).

During our last Sunday run we discussed where else we could run, someone suggested that we should take a road trip to visit the PAX at F3Republic. Their run group also launches Fridays under the Watertower in Conway at 5:15 and is known as #Hasselhoff. This run group has be dubbed, “The Greatest Run Group in all of F3Nation” and the Hulkamaniacs were eager to join in the fun. YHC has visited Hasselhoff multiple times since its humble beginning (reboot) 3 years ago, but some GS PAX have never had the pleasure of experiencing why they are the greatest!

For the next 4 days during announcements at beatdowns our road trip was promoted, and we had solid number of HCs. A Clowncar was offered up by Hamburglar with a departure time of 4:45 from BombSquad. The night before, there was late minute chatter on Twitter Thursday evening as a final push for the roadtrip and it looked like we would have anywhere from 4 – 7 PAX taking the trip (some PAX were skittish about the early start time; others fretted over the 30 degree temperature) while some PAX opted to stay & run the Hulk.

As YHC pulled into BombSquad at 4:44, two other cars/trucks were in the lot. Hamburglar was awaiting in The Shark while Sunshine stayed warm in his Dodge Rebel. Because Sunshine is a Conway transplant, we deferred to his better judgement and loaded up the Rebel for our trek westward. Apparently arriving in Conway with anything other than a truck would negatively effect our street cred.

It only takes about 15 minutes to get to the Watertower at this time of the day and YHC thought we would be way early. After all, at Hulkamania, every PAX typically arrives 1-2 minutes prior to the start, jumps out of our cars/trucks and goes to work. What were the chances that any of the local PAX would be here 15 minutes early? Apparently, a lot! There were at least 3 trucks parked when we arrived and as we departed the warm confines of the Rebel to say our ‘Good Mornings’, other trucks just kept rolling in. With our street cred intact, we made our rounds; catching up with Pax we knew and introducing ourselves to newer PAX, too.

The Hasselhoff PAX continued to roll in. When they arrived, they spent time in fellowship, and get this . . . they even stretched!

By the 1 minute warning, 23 PAX had arrived.

5:15 –  The whistle was blown and off we ran through the heart of Downtown Conway.

From the Watertower about a ½ block before 2nd Avenue we kept a solid pace straight up Laurel Street enjoying all the Christmas lights until it intersected with 16th Avenue. PAX found their own paces and paired up or ran in groups. At 16th Avenue, we turned right past Collins Park and then turned left onto N. Main Street (Rt 701).

After a few steps on Oak Street, we made a hard left onto Park View Road for the return trip. We took Park View to Elm Street until it ended near the Marina. At the end of Elm, we doubled back to Marina Drive, pass the Laurel Street Fountain and then back to the Watertower. All along route you could hear feet hitting the pavement through the otherwise silent morning. Besides the footsteps, there was good conversations and laughter, too.

When we all arrived back at the Shovel Flag we circled up.

6:00 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 23


Announcement: Ugly Sweater Convergence; Freed to Bleed

Praise/prayers: Kick Six praised all the men of F3 Republic for all the support he received during this year (today was the eve of his 1 year anniversary); we prayed for our families and friends, prayers unspoken.

Moleskin: Always great crossing the River to enjoy time with the HIM of F3Republic. YHC looked back on my first exposure (BackBlast: “A Promise Made is a Promise Kept”) to Hasselhoff 3 years ago and discovered its humble begins of 3-4 regular PAX. I am truly amazed by the acceleration & growth of the Republic and the tight knit brotherhood that has emerged from their humble begins here at #Hasselhoff. The workout is definitely the glue but F3, as evidenced by these men, is so much more!! And that is why Hasselhoff is “The Greatest Run Group in All of F3Nation”




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