Man down, seriously man down

Man down, seriously man down

Workout Date:





Cubby, Boedtt (Greensboro), Quicksand, Pikachu (QIC)

The Thang:

It’s been a while since I’ve been to my AO home away from home. Timeshare is one of the best AO’s in the grandstand. Honestly every AO is great in its own way. Didn’t have my usually partner in crime since Candycane is working nights right now. Then I saw the random car lurking back and forth trying to find the AO which I wasn’t sure if he was lost, a creeper or a fellow F3 guy. All reasonable assumptions.

One minute warning.

Ahh, now three Pax show up and Quicksand tried to trim the trees with his truck. Darn, workout was planned for 8-10 but 4 will work.

Gave everyone a tennis ball  before the warm up.

”Rousey is watching you” not my statement but I will leave this here. This made me laugh.

Proper Mission Statement & Disclaimer


15 Harry Rockets IC, 15 Tempo Squats IC, 15 IW IC, 15 LBACF,R, Seal Claps & Overhead Claps IC, 15 HB IC, 20 SSH IC, now that the body is warmed up

All warmed up and ready to go. Let’s Mosey to the Parking Garage. I’m leading the charge to the Garage, get in front of the convenient store (it’s like 30’ from the starting point) and “THUMP” a seriously loud thump. I look back and Cubby has taken one of the hardest falls I’ve ever heard. The guy is bigger than me by about 15 pounds, so I would expect nothing less. My first thought was oh hell, where’s the closest hospital. That would have been a fun BB. Cubby goes to the ER. Almost sounds like a children’s book in the making. Dang it cubby we could have a #1 seller Haha. But instead he decides to pop right up and keep trucking along like it’s a daily event for him. Not even a drop of blood. If I feel like that I would had a blood trail to the parking garage. So off we continue. A solid pace to the garage. Mosey to the first floor and now we begin

1) Mt Climbers with a twist. Do them in plank position.  Everyone is in a circle, and order is chosen 1,2,3,4. We do Plank climbers and #1 does 5 plank climbers and runs to the second level. Once at the next level, you continue the plank climbers until all pax have reached have circled back up.

The thought process was the exercise will even out if you are first or last. If you are first to go you do most of the reps on the next level while the last pax does all of the exercise on the current level.

2) Alternating Side Squat 15 2 count. Order chosen and go.

3) Plank up/downs. From elbows to high plank up and down. 10 count order chosen and go

4) Squats 15, Order chosen and go.

5) Right Plank for 15 seconds, order chosen and go.

6) Merkins 15, order chosen and go

7) Left Plank for 15 seconds, order chosen and go

8) Carolina Dry dock with a twist. Line up on parking bumpers. Feet on parking bumper and Dry Dock shoulder taps. 15 2ct order chosen and go back down the garage.

9) Plank tennis ball transfer. Hold plank and bounce the ball, transfer the ball between hands. 15 2 ct, order chosen and go down.

10) same as 9.

11) same as 9.

12) Alternating Side Squat 15 2 ct, order chosen and go down

13) Wide Plank 30 seconds, order chosen and go down.

14) LBC 30 single ct, order chosen and go.

15) Squats 20, order chosen and go

16) Wall sit for 30 seconds, order chosen and go.

17) Gas pumpers 20, order chosen  and go, mosey to sidewalk.

Brisk walk to the roadway intersection and then take your own mosey pace back to the AO. We’ve got about four minutes. So I decided to go at this pretty hard.

Everyone is back


Count-O-Rama 4



Q source Friday’s, Halloween convergence at Bombsquad,


This was a good pace up and down the Parking Garage deck by deck. With no long breaks in between. Just long enough to call out the next exercise. First time doing this type of parking garage workout and well I always like it when a plan works out. I enjoyed leading today and it’s always an honor.






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