Mathing is hard

Mathing is hard

Workout Date:





Bling, Disconnect, OneCall, Backdraft, Lombardi, Snips, Hewey, Stewie, Wolverine, Turn and Cough, Brady Bunch, Geno, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

72 with a decent breeze

YHC pulled into the beautiful Forbus Ct parking lot expecting the recent huge Tuesday Wartog numbers, but was surprised to see only Disconnect, Snips, and Backdraft milling about.  By the time YHC got out of the truck I could hear OneCall and Bling emerging from their #Bromancemobile deriding Geno for not making it a threesome this morning #dissensioninYOP.  About 2 minutes till a nice stream of cars came rolling down Forbus to bring to final count to 12 PAX.  At #ElevationMonday Hoser told YHC that his new F3 contract stipulated that his scale would determine what days he posts.  Either his scale lied to him again or he was up too late celebrating his promotion (congrats Brother!!).

1 minute warning and disclaimer

Mosey to get started south on the sidewalk heading towards Crabtree (thanks Disconnect for reminding me to grab the cones and papers from the truck bed)
At the turn in the sidewalk:
SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
IW x 20 IC
Continue mosey towards Meyers Ave parking lot
*Brady Bunch came moseying up behind us here.  Great having him join us again as he’s quickly become a WH and WR regular
LBAC  x 20 IC
LBAC Reverse x 15 IC
OH Press x 10 IC
OH Clap x 5 IC

4 Corners – 1 cone/paper at each corner
PAX were directed to count off in twos and then divide into opposite corners with your group
Two rules: #1 – Don’t leave your corner until all PAX have finished and #2 – Don’t start the next corner until all PAX are ready.

1st lap around the lot: perform the top exercise on the paper
2nd lap: perform the top 2 exercises
3rd lap: perform the top 3 exercises (see where this is going?)
4th lap: perform all 4 exercises
5th lap: perform all 4 exercises … here’s where we ran into trouble … and then repeat the 3rd exercise (go up the ladder and then back down)
No, Stewie, it wasn’t designed to get easier after the 4th lap.  We’re here to #getbetter!

– 5 Merkins
– 10 Squats
– 15 LBCs
– 20 4 count SSH

– 5 Diamond Merkins
– 10 Jump Squats
– 15 4 count Flutter Kicks
– 20 4 count Mountain Climbers

– 5 Wide Arm Merkins
– 10 Prisoner Squats
– 15 4 count American Hammers
– 20 4 Rocky Balboa

– 5 Ranger Merkins
– 10 Sumo Squats
– 15 BBSU
– 20 Calf Raises

#Mummblechatter started out strong… a lot of complaining about having to do math (I still don’t understand why 4 count is so difficult for some *cough*Bing*cough*)… but quickly faded as the heart rates picked up.  Group 2 may have briefly crossed the #mummblechatter threshold at one point, but quickly got back on track motivating each other.

Each group completed 5+ laps

Mosey back to the flag with a turn around point to pick up the 6

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 13
–  FreedToBleed – Oct 30th – Check Slack and sign up!
–  Friday, August 28th @ 1800 – Tidal Creed Brewing Co. – Send off party for Disconnect – Be there!!!
Prayer requests:
–  Teachers and students
–  Strength and rest for Backdraft’s M


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