May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be With You

Workout Date:





Brown Bag, Quaker, Beefsteak, Cross-Stich, Billy Blanks, ERC, Elmers, Candy Cane, and Rubber

The Thang:

Warm-up included Mericans, side straddle hop, little baby arm circles (also in reverse), tempo squats, cherry pickers, through the tunnels and some plyos while painting the lines.

The Thang:

Partner workout. One partner doing coupon work while the other bear crawled, crab walked, or jogged.

Bent over rows 200 reps

Chest press 200 reps

Block Swings 100 reps

American Hammers 200 reps

Block Squats 200 reps

Crunchy Frogs 100 reps.

We finished in just enough time for a nice slow 10 count in cadence of Rubber flutters.

One piece of Star Wars Trivia shared was the age Yoda lived to be. 900 years old which was the number of reps in our main workout today.

COT: prayers for Jeter’s mother, Julie, as she is continuing recovery.