Memorial Day “Murph” 5-27-19

Memorial Day “Murph” 5-27-19

Workout Date:





Rocky Top, SkidMark, Texas Ranger, Red Coat, Quaker, Box Car, Brown Bag, Runway, Weezel, Crankbait

The Thang:

Conditions: 77 degrees and humid, Memorial Day Morn. The ‘MURPH” honoring Lt. Michael Murphy. ALL PAX arrived early for the impending hard beatdown ahead, some of us with butterflies in pit of stomach.  I noted to others that sometimes the beatdown is easier when you don’t know what’s coming.


COP: (lead by Skidmark)



IW 20 IC

The Murph: 1 MILE, 100 Pullups, 200 pushups, 300 Squats, 1 mile

at Bombsquad we have to modify d/t no pullup bar.  We modify with BURPEES! Because 1 lap around the AO is about 1/4 mile, we modify with 13 burpees, 25 merkins, 38 squats followed by 1 lap, rinse and repeat 8 times.  ALL Pax completed OYO with rabbit PAX picking up six or planking.


C-O-R: 11PAX

N-O-R: ALL PAX substituted own name for a fallen soldier (s). PFC John Riegel, Vietnam, 1967; SGT Sylvester Antolak, WWII, 1944 (Medal of honor), James Deil, WWII; SGT Chris Davis, Bagdad, 2007; Marine Kelton Turner, 1975, Vitetnam; Donnie Bell, Korea, 1951; Neil Best, Vietnam, 1967; Jeffery Gouhin, Vietnam; Staff Sgt. Shawn Landres, Afganistan; Lance Corporal Rick Sintani, Afganistan, 2009; Sgt Major Robert Kodal, Afganistan, 2009; SGT first class Randall Sugart, Mogadishu 1993,

Prayers: ALL Fallen Servicemen honored for Memorial Day.

Quote shared with the PAX: In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. …

HONOR to be part of such a great group of LEADERS!

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