Merkin Mile To The Beach

Merkin Mile To The Beach

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Drifter, Cyclone, Candy Cane(Plank AOQ), O'Doul's, Crabs, War Eagle

The Thang:

Was wondering how many pax would post on a cold Thanksgiving day week and was glad to have 6 #HIM join me in the gloom!

Traveling COP

A mosey around the track ensued and we did 2 laps around stopping at different points to do our warm up exercises which included the following: Hillbillie’s, Through The Tunnel, Windmills, Side Straddle Hop, LBAC’s, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps.

Main Event

We set off towards the beach and back and stopped at every 0.25 miles according to my Garmin watch and did a set of 12 merkins. The entire route was 1.62 miles according to GPS and we did a total of 72 Merkins along the way. It’s always good to make it out to the beach first thing in the morning and this was no exception, enjoyed catching up with Crabs, O’Doul’s, and War Eagle along the way.

When we got back there was still 15 mins on the clock so time for 11’s. We did Block Curls on one side of the football field (moving from sideline to sideline) and air squats on the other. These guys smoked it and we still had a good 6 mins or so left after finishing up, time for some more block work!

We finished up with the following: Overhead Press x 40 reps (YHC), Flutter/Rubber Kicks (Candy Cane), Tricep Extensions x 30 reps (YHC), Outlaws (O’Doul’s), Bench Press (YHC), not sure the exact name but going with “Planked Block Pulls” (Crabs)


Count O’ Rama- 7

Name O’ Rama

Announcements: Christmas Party 12/3/22 (Check Slack for sign up sheet), Ugly Sweater Christmas Convergence at BombSquad 12/3/22, Plantation Lakes Turkey Trot 12/25/22 with pre-workout at 6:30am led by #ThePlank and #Catapult. Freed To Bleed 12/16/22.

Prayer by YHC to close out

Honor to Lead!