MIA’s Four corners

MIA’s Four corners

Workout Date:





Geno, Franklin, Lombardi, Hamburglar, Headgear, Bubbles, Valvano, Corkscrew, Jingles

The Thang:

It was a beautiful warm morning, 60 degrees clear skies and blessed/honored to lead my brothers.

Arrived early and did mile and half ruck to warmup myself.  Bubbles was there also he did some running warmup.

one minute warning, disclaimer,then the mumble chatter started immediately.  Something about MIA’s?  Bling & Studebaker were mainly mentioned?  Honorably mentioned were concern for Billboard & Varsity for sickness and injury respectively.

53 SSH

5 Burpees


20 Lbac in reverse

20 cherry pickers

20 through the tunnels

mosey to bridge then 5 burpees

bearcrawl to top crabwalk to other side plank wait on pax

mosey to fountains at Valor park for some four corners

corner #1 25 merkins, #2 50 BB sit-ups, #3 75 squats, #4 100 LBC back start plank for all pax

next round 1# 25 diamond merkins, #2 50 flutters, #3 75 calve raises on curb, #4 100 lunges (50 each leg) back start plank for all pax

modify Q due to time mosey to bridge 25 wide armed merkins, toy soldier across bridge, mosey to picnic benches at shelter.

25 dips and 25 derkins

mosey to parking lot hamburglar led exercise while retrieving my phone, valvano led one then announcements.

dragon boat packets and donations, prayer requests was many, for multiple peoples!

closed out with prayers for all mentioned and those not spoken, 🙏🏻💪

As always a pleasure and honor to lead!



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