Miles and CHAD1000x Training

Miles and CHAD1000x Training

Workout Date:





Runway, Jeter, Bling, Lombardi (RESPECT), Rousey (RESPECT), Headgear, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC had requested HCs on Slack last night, but realized I forgot to mention whether or not we’d be using sandbags.  So, I arrived to #WaveRucker with two weinkes in mind.  The other 6 PAX were already assembled and had a few bags laying out. I opted for the bag-less option, but left the possibility of returning to get them open.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer given

Start by rucking towards Warbird Park (~1.2 miles)

At Warbird: 5 rounds of 20 step ups (10 each leg) & mosey around the planes (drop ruck for the mosey)

The humidity was definitely back this morning and a sweat had started to form on the ruck to Warbird.  By the end of the 100 step ups, we were sufficiently drenched.

Continue rucking towards the beach to retrieve (or at least look at) our GrowRuck logs. (~0.8 miles)

Quick moment of silence for our fallen logs.  Lombardi spoke a few words thanking them for their service.

As we neared the logs, I had heard Bling grumbling something about doing the Crown Reef stairwell.  That wasn’t the plan, but we’d head that direction to keep him guessing.

Before reaching Crown Reef, we crossed 17 and entered the Crown Reef Conference Center lot.

Ruck up the ramp, around, and back down.

Reverse ruck up the ramp, around, and back down (face forward going down).

Drop rucks

Mosey up the ramp, around, and back down.

Reverse mosey up the ramp, around, and back down (face forward going down).

Ruck back up and head towards Warbird Park (~0.8 miles).

5 more rounds of step ups and mosey

Ruck back to the AO, arriving at 0600 on the dot. (~1.2 miles)

Time Called

Including the runs and step ups, just over 5 miles in total.

Count-O-Rama – 7
– TONS of announcements right now.  AOQ handoffs, 10yr, FreedToBleed, BlackBeard convergence, new AOs, Sweet Tooth 8K, CHAD1000X, etc., etc.
– Check your email for an update from the Nant’an for more details
– Bling’s M & 2.0 travelling in DC – safe trip and return
– Bling travelling at the end of the week – safe trip and return


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