Miscommunication & the Struggle to Get Better

Miscommunication & the Struggle to Get Better

Workout Date:





El Red Cardo; Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 56 degrees, threat of rain

Last afternoon Hamburglar put a call out to the Hulkamaniacs for a Sunday run. YhC wasn’t sure how many HC we would get, after all we just finished up 3 hours of GrowRuck training on Saturday morning & the weather forecast for Sunday was 80% chance of rain!

Sunshine HC’d immediately. Shortly thereafter, YHC also HC’d. Skid Kong responded but he was still down range which also meant that we probably wouldn’t be seeing Poe either. Headgear jumped into the conversation but didn’t hard commit.

Since no one suggested a starting point, it was understood that The Hulk would be the default rendezvous location.

So, it looked like we would have at least 3 PAX running today, however, as YHC was waking up to the pitter/patter of rain hitting the window, a text came through stating, “Extra sore today and don’t want to injure [myself]”. YHC heard you brother loud and clear . . . I responded, “ Ok, see you tomorrow.” Apparently, my return text was at best ambiguous and our other committed Pax thought that YHC also would not be showing up. This was not my intention, but my response needs to be clearer in the future.

Anyhow, YHC arrived to a vacant lot at the Hulk around 6:40. As rain began again to hit my windshield, I considered going for coffee. I then geared up, stepped out into the Gloom, and headed for the shelter of the Pavilion.

Because of yesterday’s GrowRuck training, YHC (uncharacteristicly) began stretching as I waited for the other(s) to arrive, but 5 minutes later YHC was still alone.

The rain stopped and a quick check of the radar showed that it should stay west of MB for at least the next hour. YHC was at a crossroads: I could simply walk back to the car and head home (nobody would know) or I could start running and see what happens (still nobody would know).

As you have probably guessed, YHC chose to run! After all has anyone ever written a BackBlast after they skip the workout?

Here’s what happened.



YHC started north on Frontage Road 2-B, still having plenty of doubts & hearing the voices whispering in my head that I should just go home. As I turned left to head up Col. Bob Bell Run Path, YHC turned completely around and ran back towards the Hulk Parking Lot.

When I entered the parking lot, I reflected on why I was there in the 1st place, it was to get better! I certainly was not going to accellerate by jumping in my car and heading home, so I just kept running. I played games with my mind & told myself that I would run until it rained, however, I was confident that if it did rain, I would just keep on running because you can only get wet once.

As I ran down the Hulk Service Road, I looked for a sign to motivate me and there it was . . . a literal sign saying, “Run” with an arrow directing me onto a trail.

I ran the trails for the next 3 miles until I was eventually led back to the Hulk Parking Lot. When I entered the lot, I told myself that I needed to get my bridge work in, so I continued out of the lot, down Frontage Rd and back onto the Col. Bob Bell Run Path.

As I ran up & over the bridge, I knew that it was about a mile to 62nd Avenue North. At 62nd Avenue I could turn around and get about 5 miles under my belt. #Respectable

But a funny thing happened when I reached 62nd Avenue N., I was feeling good, not great but good. Good enough for 1 more mile.

I figured if I could run 1 more mile out, it would net me two miles in the end and put me around 7 miles. As I hit that extra mile mark, I turned down west onto 71st Avenue N. towards the Intercoastal Waterway.

71st Avenue has a slight decline as you run into the neighborhood and as I looked down the road another runner was coming towards me for the opposite end.

As we approached one another I evaluated the oncoming runner’s stride in an attempt to identify him. YHC ruled out Sunshine, Hamburglar, and Skid Kong (oh yeah, it couldn’t be Skid Kong, he was DR). I couldn’t place the stride and there was no guarantee that the oncoming runner was a fellow Pax, anyways. But that didn’t deter me from hoping it was.

Finally, when a visual ID could be made, none other than ERC emerged as the mystery runner. ERC said that he had run from his home in The Bluffs, saw my car at the Hulk, and was on a mission to find me. ERC said he was looking to get 7 miles in today, so we partnered up for the rest of the run.

We continued to head west on 71st Avenue N., then traversed a short sidewalk, before getting onto the run path that parallels the Intercoastal Waterway. Once on the run path, we turned right onto virgin asphalt and headed north along the path until it ended.

At the end, we turned around and ran south on the run path until it ended at the back of the YMCA back parking lot. After running through the YMCA parking lot, we turned right and ran past the Barc Parc, cheered on by a pack of canines.

Onto Col. Bob Bell Run Path, up and over the bridge, then back to the Hulk parking lot. It was at this point that ERC thought YHC’s run would end, but I kept running with ERC to the end of the Hulk Service Road.

At the end of the Service Road, we parted company. ERC headed into The Bluffs for home and I doubled back to the Hulk Parking Lot.

8:25 – Time Called

The Numbers: 8.88 Miles, 9:40 minute Pace, 1:25:55 total run time.



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