Mosey Mile (plus)

Mosey Mile (plus)

Workout Date:



Jingles (respect)


Valvano, Butch, One Call, Billboard (respect), kiwi (respect), manziel (respect), Geno (respect), Lombardi (respect), Karma, Bob the Builder, Baggage, Bling, Boxcar, Headgear, Fergie, Drifter, Hard hat, Jetah, Franklin, Bodett, Bed pan, Surf/turf

The Thang:

Well I rolled in to lot a few minutes early to a few vehicles with pax inside staying warm as it was a crisp 29 degrees.  Then #fergie made his way out to plant the shovel flag. So I joined him to get ready for the thing!  As we exchanged morning jesters the lot started filling up with many rolling in for a not so epic but worth while beat down today.

As I hollered out the one minute warning then the lights were rolling in to enjoy the party fun for the day.  As the pax rolled out of vehicles was the southern crew from Karma and the crew from Oyster/Blackbeard AO’s!!

Of course the mumble chatter started immediately as the plantation lakes crew came out of the warmth of clown car!

Then we started the thing:

SSH. 26

Imperial Walkers. 23

Windmills. 27

merkins “22”. (Honor military suicides )

LBAC. Forward 20

LBAC. Backwards. 24

stretch leg muscles right over left touch toes or ground if able (me not able ground)

Switch left over right touch toes/ground

then we mosied to the bridge and circled up there for instructions of the mosey to begin but, before we began the mosey mile due to an epic Q many years ago I lead with 400 big boy sit-ups we had to for “bling” request I threw in 25 big boys to start before our run

then run begins we ran to corner of Forbus/Farrow for 25 burpees

then mosey to opposite side of bridge for 50 merkins of course the speedsters from south would have to wait on the multitude of respect crowd to finish before we moved on

mosey to other bridge for 75 squats

and Karma actually did possibly 59 with putting his balls in the cup 🤷🏼‍♂️
then we bearcrawled across bridge to other side before we then mosied to bridge for the final exercise of 100 two count flutters!

as the crowd waited on Bling and myself to finish we then ran back to flag for a little wisdom, thankfulness, honor, and challenge that I throughout to each pax to take a step out of the comfort zone that we all get in to do something this year to go out of it and be a light in some way !!



prayer request

May you all be a blessing and have a

Merry Christmas

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