Mothership in FU effect

Mothership in FU effect

Workout Date:





Fergie, Strikeout, Freon, Bubbles, Squirt, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

Yeah, that’s what Fergie (Warthog AOQ) posted to Slack last night. YHC would have the Q and the Mothership would be in FU effect. He claims it was a typo, I like to believe he was just fired up and looking for a brutal beatdown. Not sure I delivered (I’ll let him be the judge), but we all worked up a solid sweat and welcomed back Freon and Strikeout as longtime Kotters.

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 15 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Tempo Squats x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC

It didn’t take much to warm up in the 63° gloom, so we took off on a mosey to the picnic tables.

20 Incline Merkins
20 Dips
20 Decline Merkins

Mosey to the bridge

Lunge walk up, 20 Jump Squats, Lunge walk down

Hold plank on the 6 and about an additional minute, then 10 Merkins OYO

Mosey into the parking deck and up to the opening/bottom of last ramp for 11’s:
CDD at the bottom, LBCs at the top, Mosey both ways in between

Quick walk to the far side of the top deck and then another minute-ish plank hold to catch our breath.

Starting at the first parking lot line, 1 burpee every third line (9 total burpees), sprint to the far wall and 1 last burpee

Mosey down the deck to “the wall”

Wall sit for about 30 seconds, then raise arms and lift heels for another 30 seconds

Mosey back to the bridge – high-knee skips to the top, 20 Jump Squats, toy soldier walk back down

Plank on the 6 and for about an additional minute

Mosey to the picnic tables

20 Decline Merkins
20 Dips
20 Incline Merkins

Mosey to the flag

Time called!

5K, Scavenger Hunt, Freed to Bleed

Holiday/family stress, traveling PAX, Blooper’s father