Murph Hangover

Murph Hangover

Workout Date:





Snips, Bubbles, Karma, Humpback, Rug Burn(DR-Lion’s Den), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:


Conditions: 76 Degrees and Clear

YHC showed up to the AO earlier than usual to plant the shovel flags and found Karma wandering out from the gloom.  As we tried to plant the flags, we found that some of the ground near the AO is unusually hard so it took us a few minutes to find a proper spot.  Now that the flags are planted, we’re ready to roll!  PAX start rolling in, including Rug Burn from Lion’s Den in Atlanta.  He’s here for the week so should be posting with us again!  Humpback rolled in as well.  He has been EHing someone and as of 9PM the prior evening, he had a commitment but a lot can change between 9PM and 5:30AM!  His FNG was a no show but it’s time to get to work so let’s go!

1 Minute Warning



SSH x20 IC

Kneehighs x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Mosey to the bridge

22 Merkins

Lunge across the bridge

Mosey to far parking garage

22 Merkins

11s on the incline to the top

Bodybuilders at the top and declined BBSIs at the bottom.

Bear crawls to the top and mosey to the bottom.  Changed to sprints to the top after 4 rounds for time purposes.

Mosey to Valor Park

22 Merkins

Mosey to Bridge

Bear Crawl to the top.  Lunge to the bottom.

Mosey to the shovel flags.

Finished up with a few minutes of stretching.




Get on the Q Sheet

Prayer Requests

Snips asked for prayers for the fundraising efforts of Impact Ministries to build a retreat center.  They are getting close!

Vitamin D sent out a request for prayers on Slack for his mother’s surgery.


YHC is still reeling from the weekend workouts, including nearly doubling up on the Murph yesterday.  Also noticed that none of the Murph posters were here this morning.  YHC probably wouldn’t have picked today to be on the Q sheet if he had thought it out some more but this was done before discussion of the Murph.  We always know there’s a chance of an FNG if we see Humpback roll up since he usually posts at BombSquad and The Village and he seems to bring FNGs in from time to time.  His was a no-show today but keep EHing…there are plenty of sad clowns out there!  The whole group pushed today and kept me going!  It was great to have Rug Burn in from Lion’s Den!  Hope to have you back this week!

Always an Honor!



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