My playlist sucks! So I guess I’ll clean up the Blocks myself

My playlist sucks! So I guess I’ll clean up the Blocks myself

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Karma, Bubbles, Varsity, Scuba Steve, Spinal Tap,

The Thang:

Didn’t get to creative with this beatdown, I figured everyone still kinda bet up. I used an older beatdown with a few changes for the Oyster today.
Already feeling beat down form Rubbers nasty stretching and sideways bear crawls this morning. I’d use some AMRAP and running to break stuff up.
Conditions Mid 70s low humidity

I arrived about six minutes before 0700.To find Karma and bubbles hangout on the benches. Got out put my shirt back on planted the  flag. And proceeded to remove the majority of cinderblocks from my trunk. Karma didn’t seem trilled…..

suck it I’ve already been beatdown this morning and I’m gonna do it to you.

to my surprise scuba Steve showed up after injury nice to see him.

Hambuglar pulls around the corner. Keeping his Double down Monday alive.
and spinal tap arrived… good cause I only have 6 blocks….

varsity snuck up on us during the COP.

spinal donated another. So we are set.
threw on my speaker and set my Spotify playlist to a “Metallica Radio”

need less to say I forgot it’s not much Metallica. And more depressed metal and 2000s rock, karma and bubbles the old guys seem to have issues with this…any way

disclaimer given and  we started.

15 SSH

15 TTT

15 imperial walkers

10 tempo squats

5 burpees OYO

10 Merkin I’m cadence


Up and around to the second corner 

10 monkey humpers

Flutters 15 in Cadence

5 burpees OYO

Diamond Merkins 10

Mosey back to baseball field.


Block beatdown 

1 min AMRAP

30 sec rest





Active recovery


30 LBC

15 flutter kicks

the old guys seemed to complain about my playlist selections so I threw on old man rock…. I mean classic rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd begin to play which wasn’t good enough.

so then I tossed on my pool/beach playlist.
I use this for the mixed crowd I usually see at the community pool as not to offend anyone’s delicate ears mix of pop and what have you form 60-70-80-90-2000 you get the point. You guess it still not good enough for the boys at the Oyster. I guess you need jimmy buffet and Ect.
The Thang


1 min AMRAP

30 sec

Man makers

Triecp extensions

Alternating hammers


Active recovery

no recovery time


1 min ARMRAP

30 sec rest

Clean trust

Block slams.

flutters one min


Active recovery


Squats With blocks

Jump over fence was a big go cause karma complained about it, and we varsity’s hip, so moved to bridge. 


finished with

Cinder block abs beatdown

Pyramids style


At 6 you can remove the block if PAX desires.

But must pick it back up at the opposite 6.

10-2 count Flutters

8- Blocks to God

6-Alternating hammer with block

4- funky Buddha with block

6- Alternating Hammer block

8- block to God

10- 2 count flutters.

it’s always fun to lead and mess up and learn and try and get Better  in every aspect.
I get a lot of guff form spelling mistakes and playlist and a while mess of other things.
I don’t mind, I think you need stuff like this in your life to keep you going, some people get down on it, I think it’s just part of taking criticism. Learning to rise above.
always an honor to lead.
Disconnect Out.

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