New AOQ Beer Barrel Beatdown

New AOQ Beer Barrel Beatdown

Workout Date:





Skidmark, Texas Ranger, High Interest, Boxcar, ERC, Redcoat, Spork, Beefsteak, Brownbag, Headgear, Crankbait, Pikachu, Vitamin D

The Thang:

Conditions– Cool (mid 40s ) & misty; rain at conclusion of workout

Headed down to Bombsquad for my big day of passing the AOQ torch from Skidmark to yours truly. I was greeted by Redcoat, and to my surprise, Boxcar, who texted me earlier in the morning that he would be FartSacking because of the forecasted rain this morning. The PAX helped me unload the 1/2 barrel kegs (empty of course) from my truck and I started the Classic Rock workout tunes. I was really honored to put my first shovel flag in the ground!

Skidmark gave the one minute warning and we all circled-up to start the COP.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given by Skidmark


The following exercises were lead by Skidmark:

25- SSHs IC

8 burpees OYO

20- TTT IC

8 burpees OYO

20- Windmills IC

8 burpees OYO

20- Imperial Walkers IC

8 burpees OYO

Skidmark announced that he was officially passing the torch and I took over the COP. I thanked everyone for coming out and that I was honored to lead this group over the next year. I also stated to remember that it is “You and Against You” and “No Man Left Behind”. We are here to support each other. I also advised that if anyone did not have my contact information to let me know.

I led the following exercises:

15- Hillbillies IC

8 burpees


I advised the PAX to partner up and grab a 1/2 barrel. We all moseyed over to the back of the baseball field. Once at the field, we did the following set of partner work exercises:

250 SSHs while partner ran perimeter of field with keg

300 Bi-cep curls while partner ran perimeter of field #nomorecurls

250 Flutter Kicks (2 ct) while partner ran perimeter of field with keg

Mosey back over to COT. Circled up for PAX choice MARY:

20 Freddie Mercurys IC by O’Douls

20 Mountain Climbers IC by Skidmark

20 Merkins IC by Headgear

Stretching for 2 mins- guad legs stretches together and OYO focusing on individual muscle areas of choice




Announcements- 3rd F bible study led by Vitamin D at the Village on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Q source after Warthog, 2nd F murder mystery at Twelve 33 Distillery in March- still need more HCs- check Slack for more details.

Prayers/Praises- praying for Handy Mandy’s MIL, Pikachu’s MIL, and High Interest’s cousin

I prayed us out.

It was truly an honor to lead today and I am looking forward to the next year as AOQ at Bombsquad. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to facilitate #AllGotBetter #YouAgainst #NoManLeftBehind. This is what makes all of us come back for more beatdowns 🙂 Thank you gentlemen!



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