NO BLOCKS today, Seriously!

NO BLOCKS today, Seriously!

Workout Date:





Hojo, First Base, O’douls, Single Barrel, Candycane Pikachu (AOQ)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 43 degrees and perfect!

Catapult’s base platform is to appeal to those who are injured or need to slowly rehab an injury, but still allows you to remain part of F3. It’s been great for me to get stronger, build better back and core strength and allow me to workout a solid three days a week.

But, sometimes I like to test these guys and push them a little harder. Of course giving them a modification for any exercise is also a big part of Catapult. Always have a modifier ready.

1 Minute Warning

Proper F3 Disclaimer


15 Each IC Harry Rockets, HB, TS, IW 25 Grady Corn, 20 SSH

At this point I informed the Pax there would be no blocks and off to the Cross. Pax were super surprised there were no blocks but they had no idea I sat up last night devising a plan of twists and exercise combinations that I’ve never done. So we shall see….

Ok Partner up cause I’m a big fan of a solid cardio workout mixed in with strength exercises.

1) 200 2 Count Elevated Mtn Climbers, P2 mosey around the front entrance curb.

2) 100 Incline Merkins with a twist, 4 count, do one merkin shoulder tap with left arm, merkin do one shoulder tap with right arm. That’s one rep. P2 mosey around the front entrance curb. I originally said 200 but all were smoked after 100 4 count.

Off to the Big Parking lot.

3) 150 Seated Freddie mercuries (new exercise for the pax) with clap below each leg. Strong core needed here. No hands can be used for balance. P2 mosey across parking lot.

4) 100 Salsa Mtn Climbers, (new exercise for the pax) So get into regular Mtn climber position and setup in/step out but done much slower then Mtn Climbers and don’t bring legs in so far.

Getting short on time so following exercises are two round AMRAP.

5) Carolina Dry Dock with shoulder tap 4 count. Do one dry dock, shoulder tap left arm, dry dock shoulder tap right arm.

6) Plank position, right knee in, left arm out, left knee in, right arm out.

Mosey back to shovel flag

Circle up for a short mary 15 Max

O’douls: Hello Dolly 15 IC

Hojo: Heels to Heaven 15 IC

Stop three minutes early to allow the Pax to stretch OYO.


Count-o-Rama 6


Announcements: give blood and ruck ruck ruck to get ready.

Prayers: John Poston – Co-Worker.

Honor to lead





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