No Injuries!

No Injuries!

Workout Date:





Kiwi (1xR), Candy Cane, Single Barrel, Rocky Top, O'Douls, First Base, Hojo and Pikachu (AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 40s, dark and gloomy, but dry with little wind.

YHC (QIC)’s turn to lead the #Catapult (CP) #HIM.  IR is no fun…and being on IR for multiple reasons and multiple times can wear you down.  So, YHC after passing “official” F3 safety protocols was elated to post – lol.  Because I was not at 100%, YHC decided on a #weinke that he used on the #SafeHouse (virtual AO) crew designed to stay in one spot, with plenty of modifiers…and let’s throw in an Every Minute on The Minute (EMOM) component for some excitement!

An EMOM is designed to push the Pax to complete the prescribed set of exercises (not sacrificing the form) in order to minimize the number of the prescribed EMOM exercise.  So, as you are cranking out your reps…at the top of every minute, you have to stop and do the EMOM exercise.  #crowdpleaser!

8 other Pax circled up after the one-minute warning; 1 shovel flag proudly displayed; hit play on tunes; welcome to F3; disclaimer and this is what happened:

Warm Up:  IC 15-20 reps of SSHs, TTT, Tempo Squats, and LBACs CCW/CW.  22 Merkins OYO.

Pax then stopped by the #coupon pile grabbed a cinderblock (CB) with nicely stenciled F3 logo and went to the front of Carolina Forest Community Church (CFCC).

  1. EMOM Circuit 1: HR Merkins and Squats w/ Burpees (regular or Slurpee style).
    1. A total of 60 HR Merkins and 60 Squats done in 6 sets of 10 and 10 respectively.
    2. 3 Burpees EMOM.
  2. EMOM Circuit 2: WW2 Sit Ups and LBCs w/ Heels 2 Heaven.
    1. A total of 60 WW2 SUs and 60 LBCs done in 6 sets of 10 and 10 respectively.
    2. 3 H2H EMOM.
  3. EMOM Circuit 3: Curls and 4-ct. Flutterkicks w/ Burpees.
    1. A total of 60 Curls and 60 FKs done in 6 sets of 10 and 10 respectively.
    2. 3 Burpees EMOM.
  4. EMOM Circuit 4: Burpees and Squats w/ Burpees.
    1. A total of 18 Burpees and 90 Squats done in 6 sets of 3 and 15 respectively.
    2. 3 Burpees EMOM.
  5. Ring of Fire Circuit 1: Curls and Plank.  One Pax did 10 Curls while rest of Pax planked…around the circle until all Curled.
  6. Ring of Fire Circuit 2: Greatest American Hero.  Pax held “superman” or “divebomber” through 3 choruses of the theme song for this wonderful 80’s family friendly superhero show!  If you are reading this and know what I’m referring too, the song should be playing in your head now – lol!

#Coupons away and back to SF for MARY.  QIC due to time constraints called on 3 Pax to lead a core related exercise 5 to 10 reps IC.

QIC then led the crew through mobility and stretching as a cool down.


COR – 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Freed to Bleed.  GrowRuckSC2021.  This Thursday’s CP bootcamp will start at 0630.

NMMS1: YHC/QIC suffered no apparent physical injuries this morning!  Small steps.

NMMS 2: Enjoyed being back out with the CP Pax!  All put in strong work and completed their circuits!  YHC and Vit-D have been building the virtual AO the #Safehouse and have assembled quite a crew from all over.  And while it’s a respectable alternative (due to CV-19) and friendships have been made, nothing beats the real gloom!

Honor to lead!



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