No More Merkins!

No More Merkins!

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Boxcar, Buffett, and Brown Bag

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 50s and foggy (felt perfect)

YHC showed up a little earlier to the AO to check out the conditions. Field was a little damp, but overall everything looked pretty good. Checking out the forecast earlier in the week, I modified my workout to avoid the rain so we could stay under the awning, but it looks like we might get lucky and stay dry the whole time. To be honest, I was starting to think that my fellow PAX might change my name to Texas RAINger if I was 2 for 2 for rain on days that I Q’ed.

About 5 min out, Boxcar showed up (surprise since he told me on Tuesday that he wasn’t going to make it). Couple minutes later, Buffett rolled in followed by Brownbag. Looking like numbers were going to be little light today.

I had originally planned a tough block workout, but Quaker’s coupon beatdown the day before left me pretty sore this morning so I had to table that weinke for later. I think the other PAX agreed that was probably the right strategy. But of course, you don’t always need a coupon to offer a tough beatdown. #MerkinChallenge

1 minute warning



15 Merkins OYO


15 Merkins OYO

20 LBAC (Forward) IC

15 Merkins OYO

20 LBAC (Reverse) IC

15 Merkins OYO

20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Merkins OYO

20 Windmills IC

15 Merkins OYO


10 Merkins IC

(Total Merkins = 100!)

Mosey around the perimeter of the AO as a group and finish up by the building.

DORA 1,2,3:

Originally planned on a Lazy Dora with no running, but since the weather was holding up I decided to change on the fly so we (mainly me) could get some running in:

100 Merkins: I kept the lazy part of this one so we could all work towards the goal of the Merkin Challenge

Partner 1: 10 Walkout Merkins (“walk out” on your hands to plank, merkin, walk back towards your feet = 1 rep)

Partner 2: Holds plank (5 rounds each = 50 merkins/man)

These were arm/shoulder killers

(Total Merkins = 150)

200 LBCs:

P1 – LBC

P2 – Runs to far soccer goal by the fence (Approx. 100 yards) and back

300 Squats:

P1 – Squats

P2 – Runs to far soccer goal by the fence and back

Bonus Time: Since I was keeping count of the merkins… the PAX were so happy to hear that we still had 50 more to go

100 Merkins: since we were all pretty gassed, Buffett suggested some “reverse air merkins” where we just lie on our 6 and air press. Tempting, but no. Modified to Carolina dry docks instead.

Partner 1: 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Partner 2: Holds plank (5 rounds each)

(Total Merkin Count =200!)

5 Min. of Mary:

All took turns keeping count as I named the exercise

Brownbag – 25 In and Outs

Boxcar – 25 Seated bicycles with arms up

Buffett – 25 Crunchy Frogs

Texas Ranger – Took up Buffett’s earlier suggestion and we all held legs 6” and knocked out 25 air presses. Probably should call these “Buffetts” from now on

Finished with some Supermans to throw in a Vitamin D favorite



Count-O-Rama: 4


Announcements: Still looking for some paddlers for the Dragon Boat. YHC just committed, so look forward to me trying to recruit the rest of you. P200 needs some volunteers to drive.

Prayer requests: Lot of PAX travelling this weekend.


Moleskin: Great push and effort by all! Only had 4, but the mumble chatter and encouragement was fantastic. Thank you brothers!


Texas Ranger

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