Nothin’ Could be Finer then to be One of the 9’er In the Mornin’

Nothin’ Could be Finer then to be One of the 9’er In the Mornin’

Workout Date:



Sapling, Kitten, Sunshine, Bobsled, Rubber, Quaker, Re-bar, Skidmark, Crankbait


Sapling, Kitten, Sunshine, Bobsled, Rubber, Quaker, Re-bar, Skidmark, Crankbait

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

As YHC arrived at the Hulk, the usual suspects were already there; Sunshine in his truck & Kitten in his Kittenmobile. Next to arrive was Re-bar, then Bobsled and Skidmark. As we stretched and the 1 minute warning approached, Rubber came in hot followed by Sapling who came in even hotter!! Luckily our warm-up circle was not in the middle of the parking lot as usually  when Rubber & Sapling turned the corner into the Hulk or we would have needed Horry County EMS at their hottest!! The runners were set, headlamps secured, and layers removed as the clock struck 5:15. We were off into the Gloom 8 PAX strong!

Conditions: 58 Degrees, foggy

1 Minute Warning

P200 PAX  list was distributed last night and the line-up is strong!! There are some true runners, some fit dudes, some older wannabes (YHC), some hobbled diehards, and a few MIA’s. Buffett where are you. One Call are you still on the list??  Once again, there was some peer pressure applied to Kitten to join the team! I think we’re wearing him down!#doit!

Bobsled was the pace car  today, closely followed by Kitten, Sunshine, Re-bar (with his new hip) & Sapling. The rest of the PAX found their groove/pace ust behind the leaders.

We all followed the usually neighborhood route which involved Mt. Zeb, the Bark Park, 63rd avenue, and Marina Parkway. As we passed the Barc Park and the YMCA a man appeared from out of the fog and entered our run group!! It was none other than Crankbait! Where’d he come from? Apparently the drive from Briar Cliff was a little too long this morning so Crankbait pulled into the Y and waited until the Mumble Chatter passed him in the Gloom, then he simple fell into formation.  Rubber and Quaker thought this was an excellent idea and may need to try out this technique in the near future. It may also be during the P200 race . . .just kidding! We were 9 PAX strong . . .did I here a 9’er in there??

This week we once again made it to the 2nd turnabout on Marina Pkwy thanks to slightly increased pace. #gettingbetter.

Although one or two of us lagged behind during the return trip, no man was left behind. PAX took turns looping back and picking up the Six. We all had a good push up the bridge and sprinted the final 100 yrd  into home.

Sunshine led us in prayer  . . . Crankbait brought his registration fee for the P200 but left it in his car over at the Y, so Bobsled & Sunshine joined him for an addition trot over Mt Zeb.  Good times were had by all!

5.2 miles logged . . .8.49 minute pace!



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