Off the cuff Q

Off the cuff Q

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Da Village….havent been back to this AO since my last Q a few weeks ago, so when Sunshine “forced” me to Q this over breakfast Monday morning (that he didnt pay for)- I knew I would have to bring it strong.  Also not realizing that my Super Bowl Champion EAGLES (16-0 this year) were playing Thursday night, I found out that there would be next to no sleep here!  Game over at 12:30, alarm sounding off at 4:45, ready to roll!


weather, 82 and humid, no shocker there.  I told the boys as we assembled that I had no Q written- I was bringing this Q “off the cuff”.  Disclaimer given.


10 sec plank- form

20 IW IC

20 sec plank

20 Flutter kick IC

30 sec plank

20 arm circles F&B IC

40 sec plank


partner up- even numbers so worked out!

#1 wall sit and critique.  (Sunshine and Buffet so some solid Merkins!)

#2 clock merkins on the curb (5 per for 20 total). Switch

round 2- wall sits and calf raises (20 per leg)

round 3- wall sits and Rocky Balboas (50 total)

line up to Indian Run around the field/fence perimeter to the other parking lot.  Stay in partners for DORA

#1 run backwards  25 yards down and back

#2 50 BBSU, 100 Squats, 200 Flutters- plank on the 6

Indian Run back to flag.  walk/rest to front lot for sprints.  6 50 yard sprints (great push not letting Buffet win each round!)

walk/rest back to flag only to find my infamous sandbag.  (“good news is I brought my sandbag, bad news is I increased to 58 pounds!”)

circle up for some sandbag rounds!

#1 shoulder presses- 10 with the bag, 70 without

#2 calf raises- 10 with, 70 without

#3 squats 5 with (demonstration on proper squat form) 35 without.

22 merkins IC (#22kills) to end.  TIME.


awesome work by all, even Boxcar who had as much sleep as I did!

Announcements- get out and Q somewhere eelse

prayers- Sunshine, unspoken.


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