Old School AO Tour Day 9- Dear Lord

Old School AO Tour Day 9- Dear Lord

Workout Date:



One Call & Bling


Snips (Respect), Billboard (AOQ- Respect), Valvano, Baggage, Burgundy, One Call, Bling

The Thang:

Star Date- who gives a *$#&…..I’m sore and tired.  But we can see the light at the end of the stupid Tour (sorry, venting now) and its dim and fading, just like my body………  This am brought the caravan to Sandblox!  Where the name brilliantly combines the beach with the blocks!  Hoping that my trusted PIC would not melt when he hits the beach (hates the sand, hates it!!), I reluctantly put him in charge of the workout today…..my error.

Pulled into the AO around 0510 and saw our beastly AOQ unloading blocks- thank you BB for bringing these for everyone, please have the corners sanded down for me next time.  Both me and my manicurist would appreciate this extra effort.  Couple more PAX pulled in and made their way onto the beach- beautiful morning with the stars shining on the Atlantic.  Shoes vs barefeet?  Tank vs T- or no shirt?  panties vs shorts?  So many apparel decisions at this AO!  Who cares what you’re wearing- grab a block and get in the sand.  Shotty disclaimer given as the crew assembled around the flag- Valvano pulls in late again, yelling something about 1st FQ and privileges, not sure anyone was listening or cares- total shocker there.  Oh well, lets roll!

We would do all these rounds in reps of 13 (for the 13 needlessly killed in Afghanistan), then 10, then 7.  Total smokefest here.

Round 1:

Block Merkins, Curls, Deadlifts, LBC.  rest for like 8 seconds……

Round 2:

Alternating merkins on blocks, tri extensions, good mornings, flutters.  rest for 7 seconds

I led a round of 6” (I wasn’t looking, but Im sure I heard OC doze off….making efforts to confirm here)

Round 3:

Decline merkins (I know, I know, OC has trouble coming up with other exercises), shoulder press, front squat, BBSU… 6 second rest

Round 4:

pull thru merkins, bent over rows, back squats, Freddie Mercury.  mosey to “recover”. I believe this was a 9 yard mosey each way- someone please correct me there if my distance is off.

Round 5:

Swings (like Russian KB), slow reverse curl, lunges, American hammer.  no rest

Round 47:

Thrusters (brutal), reverse skull crushers (slow), crunchy frog (or full body spasms- either were acceptable here)

Round 7:

10 Block throw over shoulder, 21 curls.  (we noticed someone near our cars at this point- I ran back to the lot to make sure all was ok and that this dude wasn’t getting into trouble.  I then completed my purchase of a dime bag and rejoined the PAX on the beach)

13 merkins- yeah, why not!  cant go 2.5 minutes of an OC beatdown without another round of merkins….. Slow and painful- but worth it!!

Cut this off a few minutes early to get back to the cars and read my devotional….again!  Billboard and Snips had not heard- I appreciate everyone listening as a few have heard a couple times!  but ALWAYS good to hear this and  hop into the Word in the early AM!

Prayers and Praises, spoken and unspoken.  I prayed us out- TIME



Awesome time as always down on the beach- no better place for an AO in my opinion.  Make sure you get down there at some point and enjoy.

Best thing about this Tour with OC is seeing all the PAX we don’t get to see all the time.  We appreciate each and every one of you dudes!

Snips- Happy B day ( we think he’s 51, but from his incomplete name-o-rama we aren’t quite sure!)

Baggage- great to see you and always pushing hard

Burgundy- love the effort and pointers today!

Valvano- you do work hard, even for the 48 minutes you gave today…..

Billboard- thanks for your leadership as AOQ.  Appreciate you dude!

OC- Bite me.


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