Old School Tour Day 3

Old School Tour Day 3

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Bling and OneCall


Boxcar, Lombardi (RESPECT), Sade, Streaker, Hot Tub (RESPECT), Chicken Little, Jeter, Beefsteak, Fergie, Sunshine, Burgundy, Weasel, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

Log Journal

Day 3.  Legs are sore.  Holy cow.  Another Q.  And #Warthog tomorrow.  And 6 in a row next week.  We are dumb as heck.  But we look GOOD!  Especially with our ‘Merica headbands!  And 80’s tunes rocking!!!!  Well, at least playing.  I need a louder speaker.

We came to the lights of the “gloom” at good old Doug Shaw.  Pulled in and saw a tiny Miata next to all the manly trucks!! It looked like a toy.  We wondered who’s it was (I love those things and knew a few guys that raced the heck out of them).  Our carpool thought it was Beefsteaks….he just seems like he’s sexy enough to drive one.  But after the workout we saw….well, I’ll save that for later

1 minute warning.

We introduced ourselves – I think only Streaker needed to know who we were, everyone else….they knew.


20 IW IC
10 Merkins IC
20 Tempo Squats IC
20 Flutters IC
20 Hello Dolly IC
15 LBAC IC. (front then back)
15 Cherry Pickers (Bragg style IC)
15 OH Press IC from a low squat – threw these in much to Bling’s anger
15 Windmills IC
20 CDD’s IC
25 LBCs IC


To the Goaline!
Backward run to 20 yard line and back
Karaoke to 50 yard line and back
Mosey to 100 and back – Then Bling turned it into a Sprint.  Sheesh
Plank on the 6To honor the 13 service members that were killed in Afghanistan, we did 13 super slowwwwww Tempo Merkins IC

Rinse and repeat:
Backward run to 20 yard line and back
Karaoke to 50 yard line and back
Mosey to 100 and back
Plank on the 6

Then Bling led us in an insane round of his famous 6″.  Man has the core muscles of Hercules.  And if you ask Sunshine, the legs and calves of a Greek God!!!

This group of dudes are FAST.  They smoked the running, so we added in some Bulgarian Split squats on the high jump mats – 10 each leg; 2 times.

Back for ROUND 3 of the insane suicide runs

To the bleachers for a little relay!!!
13 PAX. So 3 teams of 4. Bling graciously sat out – “so the numbers worked out”.
We all look over and some dang how – Beefsteak, Streaker, Sade and Boxcar were a team. Yeah, that’s fair.
Anyhow….a little relay race
1st Pax on each team would go up the stairs 1 at a time. Down anyway they wanted and if daring enough, take 2 at a time
Slap hands with 2nd Pax to do it. 3rd and 4th.
Then to an every other step race up and down.
Then to an every step, BOTH feet thing and down.
Um…..yeah, Beefsteak, Streaker, Sade and Boxcar won. Shocker.
But this was an absolute blast. It was also here we realized Chicken Little was doing the stinking IPC by himself! came to join us for the end.

We had some time so did a walk/mosey the curves of the track with a mosey/sprint the straightaways.Stopped a couple early for Bling’s awesome MANLY devotional

Count-O-Rama – 14
Prayer requests all around for healing, comfort, God’s peace and the Spirit’s calmness
Praises for Hot Tub’s daughter getting answers from yesterday’s prayer request

BOM by Bling

– It really is great to get around to all the AO’s.  See guys you might not normally see.  Catch up some.  It’s also one of the great things about F3- there is always a dude you can talk to/lean on/be a Brother to.  None of us men can live life alone.  We were made for fellowship!!  #ISI
– The Miata.  Here you go….  #Bromance  #Studs – Streaker and Hot Tub!!!

– 10 year – See Jeter
– New NMB AO – The Edge – 0500 on Mondays from the Eggs Up Grill parking lot on Main street.  Rucking
– Sunshine Q’ing #BS tomorrow.  Our traveling road show is at #WH
– Look for new stuff from our new 2ndF and 3rdF Q’s!


Your friendly GrandStrand dummies:
Bling and OneCall

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