Olympic Speed

Olympic Speed

Workout Date:





OneCall, Bling, Boxcar, Hoser, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

75 degrees with 100% humidity

1 minute

Disclaimer given

YHC had posted to Slack the night before to go heavy on sandbags. There would be no SB reps and they’ll only be carried 1/4 mile at a time, max!  Well, Fergie immediately said he was out.

As YHC rolled into the WH parking lot Hoser was getting some stretching in.  Probably much needed as we haven’t seen him since June it seems, but glad to have him back!  The YOP car rolled in shortly after while YHC was surveying the expectedly flooded track – Q modification begins…

After a quick COP of SSH and some stretching, we grabbed rucks and headed towards the planes.

At the planes:

10 Incline Merkins
10 Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)
10 4ct Flutter Kicks ruck overhead
Mosey 1 lap around the planes
Repeat 3 times

10 Dips
10 Decline Merkins (PAX choice on ruck)
10 Step Ups
Mosey 1 lap around planes
Repeat 3 times

10 Lateral ruck raises
Mosey 1 lap around planes
Repeat 3 times

Head back towards the Forbus lot.  Whoa!  We were rucking at 40 mph?!?!  Oh, just a car passing right as we passed the speedometer sign.  HMMMM

Rucks Off!  Everyone in the street.  Let’s see what we’ve got!  We weren’t sure if the sign would pick up a single person, so we ran as a group and clocked in at 16 mph!  Not bad!  Only 12+ mph off of Usain Bolt’s pace.  It’s always good to have a goal to work towards!

Back at the lot, YHC instructed PAX to grab their sandbags.  Bling grabbed his water bottle, a towel, a clean shirt, and maybe a little powder for his nose.

We finally grabbed the sandbags and reached the top of the lot on Forbus Ct.

Carry sandbags down Forbus and leave them off to the side (0.15 mi)
Ruck back down Forbus (0.15 mi)
Run down Forbus and back (0.30 mi)
Ruck back down Forbus (0.15 mi)
Grab sandbags and return to cars (0.30 mi)

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 5
–  Freed to Bleed Friday
– Nant’an Handoff Convergence 8/14 at Warthog


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