One Grueling rashed arm at a time

One Grueling rashed arm at a time

Workout Date:



Pikachu (Co 3Rd FQ)


Firstbase, Elmer, Judge Judy, Kiwi, Skimmer, Hedgehog, Crabs, Pikachu (QIC Co 3rd FQ)

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions: 60’s and perfect

I didn’t hop on any Q sheet for December so I jumped at the chance to fill in at Catapult before the years end. No crazy themed workout as I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare since I’ve been working diligently on the wife’s list she made for me. Keeping her happy keeps me coming to F3. It’s not one’s self you need to please in my mind.

Word got out in the group chat that I was in Q and Hedgehog immediately jumped in and said he’s not coming unless we do one arm curls that make your arms bleed. Well perfect you got it. And well I took it one step further. Good time to push the CP guys in the strength area. Told everyone the night before to be prepared to grab a big block and they might hate me after the workout.

I didn’t get a new watch and asked Judge Judy to keep an eye on the start time and we’ll he did just that. Zero minute warning, time to workout he says. Thanks Judge, appreciate the heads up.  Ok let’s go.


Proper disclaimer and Judge Judy helped with the mission.


15 Harry Rockets, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, LBAC F,R & 20 SSH.

Off to the block pile and onto large parking lot, told everyone to partner up.

120 One Arm curls with block in each arm. These destroy your forearms with scratches, rashes and blood. P2 mosey to other side if parking lot. 1/4 way through Hedgehog broke his block so they finished with regular curls as that was the modifier anyway.

Everyone mosey back to block pile so we can get a replacement block since HH broke his toy.

120 One arm tricep extensions. One block in each hand. Modifier is a regular block. P2 mosey

120 One Arm front raise. One block in each arm, and these destroy, scratch, rash, bloodied the forearms. Modifier was one block, two hands and front raise. P2 mosey

Did a lap around the church to give everyone an upper body a break before the finalie.

100 One Arm butterfly press. Lay on ground. One block each hand, grip middle of block and do a press with a controlled decline so elbows don’t smash against the ground. Modifier was one block, two hands for a regular press.

On each exercise I reminded the Pax that this was a true you vs you workout. Yes we have partners but modify up or down as needed. Guys did a great job and pushed themselves hard today with strength training and muscle isolation. Good job men and thanks for tolerating the “not sure how this is going to work” style I bring.

return blocks, asked Crabs to get everyone circled up and get some Mary going while I got the phone for proof of video evidence.

Crabs- 15 Dying Cock Roach

FB 10 EA Side Pretzel Crunch

Judge Judy 15 Heels to Heaven


Count, Name

Announcements all halted until new year

BS anniversary 1/1/2022

Freed to bleed Feb 4

Prayers – Please keep Kiwi and family in prayer as Will goes back to school and navigates life like we all once had and still do. My mom as she continues to battle with overall health.





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