Workout Date:





Hoser, Bling, OneCall, Valvano, Headgear

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: Miserable.  82 degrees; 95% Humidity; Feels like temp was 93 degrees.

Forgot to pack up my ruck and sandbag last night so had to throw it in the truck this morning and didn’t bring extras like I normally do.   Rolled up to the AO a little early and Hoser was already there.   As time passed, and it got closer to 0430, I was thinking it may only be Hoser and I today but then the Bling/OneCall bromance rolled in.  Hoser called it right that Boxcar wouldn’t be here since there was a chance it might rain.   Lombardi is in Dallas selling houses or something.  Fergie stopped showing up after we talked to him about an AOQ spot at an undisclosed AO.  TinyDancer was throwing some shade on Slack last night so I thought he might show today but nope.   Gotta say, he had a point though!  No one else is around so it’s the 5 of us today.

2 minute warning


Bags and Rucks – Head over the bridge.

Drop bags and head around the lake with a time hack of 15 minutes.  OneCall confirmed this was a reasonable time hack.

It took us 15:30 so the next lap will be running which is the only way to truly punish this group.  They don’t mind carrying anything heavy but running is another story.  No time hack on this one.  Go back for the 6.

Next lap is ruck and sandbags with no time hack but i figured this would take between 18-20 minutes.  This one was brutal.  Not sure if it was because of the running the lap before or because it was hot and carrying a ruck and sandbag can suck after a while.  We finished this one at about 18:30.

Bling was asking for a dunk in the fountain at this point and that wasn’t part of my plan but well why not.  And while we are dunking there are benches surrounding the fountain so this was an opportunity for step ups…so 50 it is.

Walking back, there were a couple of stacks of bricks and that looked like a great opportunity to use these free coupons for a quick circuit:

10 front raises

10 side raises

10 curls

10 presses

10 tricep extensions

Rinse and repeat for another round without putting the bricks down.

Then replace the bricks just as they were.

The big fountains at Valor Park were empty so this looked like another great opportunity to jump in…and then jump out…20 times.

Walk back to our rucks and ruck a 1/2 lap around the lake but going in the opposite direction as suggested by OneCall.  Then grab our sandbags and head back to the imaginary ShovelFlag!

Time called.


Announcements – 2nd F Thursday evening at GrandStrand Brewery (PAX owned); Sept 18th – Christina Latini 8k w/ virtual options available; October 8-10th F3 10 Year Anniversary celebration in CapeFear; October 29th – FreedToBleed; November 11th (Veteran’s Day) – Chad 1000x WOD

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken

It was hot…and humid!  That can make any beatdown suck.  Add some weight and some running and random coupons, then you have a good mix.  I hope the PAX thought so at least.  This is the core group of ruckers that has been rucking together well before I started posting to F3 beatdowns and eventually finding my way to WaveRucker.  We were missing a few of those OGs today but I would follow these HIM into a GORUCK event any day…well, as long as I don’t have any 2.0 birthdays that weekend!   This is a strong group of studs and they get after it!  Great work!  Its an honor to lead this group today!

-Headgear out!!!

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