Our man – Ralph Lauren – #Warthog Backblast 7/11/19

Our man – Ralph Lauren – #Warthog Backblast 7/11/19

Workout Date:



Ralph Lauren from Shelby


Ezekiel (Carpex), LookOut (Carpex), Hose, OneCall, Bling, Hamburglar, BrownBag, HeadGear, Snips, ScubaSteve, Geno, Franklin, QIC: RalphLauren (Shelby)

The Thang:

It’s always fun getting to workout at F3Grandstrand.  Today was no different.  Headgear put me down to Q at Warthog and to be honest- I was a little uncertain.  #BigShoesToFill

I wanted everyone to have fun at this workout and began putting ideas together. I realized the date was 7/11 and things began to come to me. 

It was a stormy Gloom with downpours-

Even up to 15 minutes before the start time. I was the first to the AO and was not expecting many PAX after the storm hit. 

Quickly headlights began rolling in and things were looking good!  Lombardi confessed, his presence was because of my Q.  The bromance car, rolled in right before the 1 minute warning.

1 minute warning:


I had stopped to buy a cherry slurpee with 8 straws. I handed out the straws to those wanting to participate and the slurpee quickly went away. Some PAX actually declined after Hamburgler took the first sip. 

  • Mission Statement
  • Disclaimer
  • warmups 

Let’s roll:

Instructions given: Pass the volleyball around while running- if the ball touches the ground 11 Burpees. OYO

Within 50 feet of shovel flag-Volleyball hits the ground so 11 Burpees. Not sure who dropped it.

  • Mosey to bridge: 11 SSH, 11 Imperial Walkers
  • Mosey to other side of bridge

        11 squats, 11 hillbillies, 11 lunges

A.   Mosey to other side of street-to store front parking lot. Spread out 5-6’ apart. Hands on the curb (Around The World)

        * hands on curb 7 Merkins

        * 1/4 turn (left hand on curb, left foot on curb) 7 merkins

        * 1/4 turn (feet on curb) 7 merkins

        * 1/4 turn (R hand on curb, R foot on curb) 7 merkins

B.    Each PAX were given a chance to kick the volleyball past a predetermined spot. If it went past that spot- that Kicker was able to choose an exercise for everyone else to do, if not 11 merkins after running to the ball. Only won successful kick was by Headgear and he chose Burpees. 

He elected not to sit out and performed Burpees with the group. BrownBag May be a little sore after his slippery kick. 

Estimated- 77 merkins and a lot of awful kicks. 

C. Partner up: DORA 

   • 1 PAX DOES “balls to the wall” while the other performs “Jumping Lunges”

100 together

    • 1 PAX mosey to said island and Bearcrawl around perimeter, then mosey back to start. The other PAX performed “Bobby Hurley’s”  200 Reps together

Mosey to next spot. 

Volleyball hits the ground. Bling suggest a major penalty. 

So we did partner merkins with alternating hand clap at the top. 11 reps. 

  *  1 PAX does SSH while the other performs dips on the picnic table. Count the reps of SSH 

(300 together) for some reason this was confusing to some. 

Mosey back to shovel flag. The ball never hits the ground again, thank goodness. Even with several attempts of throwing it long. Great hands but awful feet. 




*Big Boy Sit ups

*left elbow to right knee

*Right elbow to left knee



7/11 is lucky numbers for a lot of people so I stopped into Murphy’s and bought single Lottery tickets for Saturday’s drawing. 

I made announcement that the winnings have to be spilt with me, if they win. We used the old fashion handshake for the binding agreement. 

  • Announcements
  • Forgot Count-A-Rama
  • Name-A-Rama
  • Prayer

4 pax for 2nd F following (Coffee)

Where we saw Lombardi’s clone dressed and ready for work.

F3Grandstrand is full of amazing HIMS!

I’m Out!


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