Partner up!

Partner up!

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Franklin, Karma, Valvano, Lookout, Bubbles, Mayhem, Spinal Tap, High Altitude, Kiwi, One-Call (Nantan Emeritus), Bling (2nd F Q), Headgear (AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: 70s with SC middle of summer humidity.

YHC/QIC was offered the Q at #Warthog by Headgear (AOQ) since we were already going to be on site with #Judeechop and the spot needed filling. Sure! And it was an honor to be running the show at F3 Grandstrand’s mothership on a primo day like Saturday. So, YHC put together a #weinke with the objectives of lots of partner work (mini #shieldlock and meeting new Pax learning their full name, etc.), using the bucket (my shtick…a 5 gallon w/ handle removed of 70lbs. of scalable weight for Pax to modify), and some solid tunes (using my 2.0s JBL speaker w/light show – my kids have better stuff than dad). The goal was to have the Pax leave with no doubt that they had endured a stout Rousey style workout. A baker’s dozen met at the field, saw me, saw the bucket…1 minute warning…red light, green light, TNT!

Welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer.

Entire workout was done on the field.

Warm Up:
IC 15 – 20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Wind Mills, Imperial Walkers and LBAC forwards & back.
OYO 22 Merkins.

Circuit 1: Traditional DORA circuit

Partner up. Each pair completed 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats. Pax 1 would start doing the exercise, Pax 2 would run apx. 50 yards (2nd cone) and back, and swap out until all exercises were completed. Bucket protocol: Each Pax (in lieu of running said 50 yards) would carry the bucket (gable grip, bear hug, side carry, etc. but no on the shoulder carry) 50 yards and back, then passed it down to the next Pax…then to Pax 1 of next pair…all the way down the line. #Crowdpleaser! At the end of the circuit, QIC had Pax do a fellowship pace-recovery lap around the track.

Circuit 2: Modified DORA circuit

Find a new partner. Each pair completed 50 BBSUs (strict form), 75 4-ct. FK, and 100 H2H. Pax 1 would start doing the exercise, Pax 2 would bearcrawl 25 yards (1st cone) and Toy Soldier March back, and swap out until all exercises were completed. Bucket protocol in play. With the bucket being carried, bearcrawls, and a heavy dose of core work; Pax appeared to be getting their money’s worth. Recovery Lap.

Circuit 3: Lazy DORA circuit

  1. Find a new partner. Each pair completed 72 burpees (3 sets of 12 /Pax). Pax 1 completed 12 Burpees while Pax 2 Planked (or at least tried to…evil laughter here). Swap out. Done when all 72 stinkin Burpees were finished.
  2. Find a new partner. Each pair completed 120 Jump Squats (3 sets of 20 /Pax). Pax 1 completed 20 Jump Squats (w/ 2 hands touching the ground /jump) while partner 2 did continuous American Hammers. This circuit originally was going to be a different mix, but time was running out and YHC had the grand finale left. Bucket protocol not in play (there would have been a mutiny) nor was there a recovery lap.

Circuit 4: Conveyer Belt of Pain

Pax lined up horizontally on the goal line with Pax 1 on the bucket and the rest to his right. Pax 1 would carry the bucket to the 2nd cone, then the next Pax would go and on & on. Before carrying the bucket, departing Pax would call out an exercise to the remaining Pax. Pax next in line for the carry did LBCs to save up arm strength. That’s how it was supposed to go. Well, Headgear (up first and normally a beast) took much longer to get to the second cone and back. YHC thought either he is tired and that meant the rest of the Pax were about smoked…so modify…or he is a glutton for pain moving slowly…YHC thought the former and changed the distance to the first cone for time sake. YHC was the last to do the carry going 50 yards (the 2nd cone) as a personal goal.

With a few minutes left, YHC led a very quick round of stretching exercises.


Count-O-Rama 13
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by One-Call because YHC was gassed from doing said 50 yard carry and truth be told was seeing stars and tie-dye on his way to #splashingmerlot.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Plenty of 1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F opportunities and events throughout the region. 2.0 workout w/ Rubber and Skimmer on Q Tuesday nights 6:30 – 7:30 during the summer at CF Rec. Center soccer field. Get plugged in, Q, then Q at another AO for experience…you get what you put into it!

NMMS: Great job this morning! Everyone looked spent; some pushing past their perceived limit. Great #mumblechatter! Do your backblasts even if they are late (like this one).  It keeps the continuity of the AO!  7 for Coffeteria I believe. All #gotbetter!



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