Pearl Harbor 78th Anniversary

Pearl Harbor 78th Anniversary

Workout Date:





Billboard (Respect), Weedeater, Karma, Disconnect, Lombardi, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 47 degrees, clear,

7 Dec 1941 is a “Date that which will live in infamy, “ as stated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during a speech a day later.  At 0800 Sunday morning, 7 Dec 1941, the Japanese attacked the United States at the naval base at Pearl Harbor. 2403 US Citizens lost their lives in the attack and another 1178 were injured. Included in the death tolls were 68 civilians.  About 20 US ships were lost including the USS Arizona where 1177 crew were killed.  This attack brought the United States into WWII.  Canada announced war against Japan within hours of the attack while the United States declared war the following day.

7 Dec 1990 is also the date that past #Warthog AOQ, Lombardi, reported for duty in the US Air Force at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX.  So it is a special day all around!  I jumped at the opportunity to Q on this day mostly because it is the day of the F3 GrandStrand Christmas Party and I wanted to see if the soreness had set in by evening amongst the present PAX but also realized that my first Q was last year on 8 Dec after about 1 month of posting to #Warthog.  I was concerned with getting a proper workout in and hadn’t thought to do a Pearl Harbor theme.  Maybe because it was the day after or maybe it hadn’t crossed my mind.  This never would have been the case if the date were on or near 9/11.  Pearl Harbor was the 9/11 of that time and we should never forgot those lives lost and the sacrifices.  There aren’t many left to tell the stories as there are only 3 survivors left living that were present for those attacks.  It is our job as #HIM to tell their stories and remember.

1 minutes..well..20 second warning



SSH x 20IC

JumpRope – try high knees, side to side, fast, slow…whatever…its a good warmup…2-5 minutes



TTT x15 IC

Stay in position to stretch – Left / Center / Right

Stand up to stretch – Right/Left Arm Across.  R/L arm behind the head.

Burpees x10 OYO

Mosey to playground

Burpees x10 OYO

7 – 12 – 19 -41 x5 sets

7 Pull-ups

12 Merkins

19 Squats

41 LBCs

Plank on the 6

Mosey: R1 – bridge / R2 – bridge / R3 – small loop / R4 – half lake loop / R5 – bridge

10 burpees each round – Plank on the 6 (stay together)

Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds.

Mosey to the half mast flag at Valor Park

Burpees x8 (For a total of 78 burpees for the day to commemorate the 78th Anniversary)

Merkins x29 (would normally be 22 for our Veterans, but 29 today to honor our own Veteran, Lombardi’s arrival at Lackland AFB 29 years ago).

Mosey to bridge

Bear crawl / Crawl Bear over the bridge

Mosey to playground

Lombardi’s Choice – Plank routine – high – low – high – low – high – Floyd Mayweathers

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag

Brief History of the Pearl Harbor attacks with input from the PAX.  Disconnect’s grandfather was stationed in the Pacific at the time and tells of their radars being jammed preventing warning to Hawaii and the mainland.  Karma added some tidbits from the History Channel of the US not believing that Japan would be brazen enough to attack as they did.  About that time a prop plane was flying over head and we all wondered what it would have been like waking up Sunday morning to planes dive bombing and attacking.

Count-O-Rama – 6

Name -O-Rama

Announcements – Christmas Party tonight, Fostering Hope Bike Drive, Convergence, Where’s Flash?

Prayers – Weedeater’s Mother and Father (and Weedeater and family), Lombardi and all those who have served, our families during the holiday season.


Where’s Flash???  Seems to be the theme lately but he had a flat tire this morning and was pushing his car to #Warthog and didn’t make it in time.  Great to see #Weedeater back and just about on time too. #Karma showed up today because he didn’t realize I was on Q.  #Disconnect doesn’t usually show on a Saturday but he must have taken today off from work just so he could post my Q.  #Lombardi is someone I can count on to be at the beatdown and as usual showed up with enthusiasm just like he probably did 29 years ago at Lackland AFB.  #Billboard is another I count on for the Saturday beatdown because of #SaltyGears but I don’t think they rode today so I’m glad you showed anyway.

The other question today was, Where’s Bling, OneCall and Valvano?  Their vehicles were in the lot but were nowhere to be seen.  I got wind yesterday of a super secret rucking beatdown that involved the ocean, sand and getting wet from 0330-0730.  These PAX are getting ready for the GORUCK Ft Bragg Heavy and needed to get a good long beatdown in. We ran into them coming back over the bridge to the playground thinking they might join us but they had their own beatdown on the agenda.  I was also hoping they would stick around for COT but the PAX were long gone by the time we got back.  Great to see them out getting after it!  Even though the other PAX missed them!

Walking out of the beatdown, a thought passed through my head,  Wow! Between Disconnect, Billboard and Karma, they must have lost enough pounds this year to equal at least one Flash!

All 6 PAX for Coffeeteria at Joe’s where Karma picked up the tab today!  Thank you sir!

Bravo Zulu #HIM

It’s always an honor to lead!  Thank you!

Headgear outttt!



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