Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

Workout Date:





Stay Puff (DR Columbia); Pearl Diver (FNG); Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 76 degrees, dry

PAX: Stay Puff, Pearl Diver (FNG), Quaker(QIC)

The Hulkamaniacs have been on intermittent hiatus for the past few months. Although we have been running on Fridays, Sundays, and now Saturdays (Early Risers Pre-runs), the numbers have been inconsistent and the regulars have not been so regular.

There’s a myriad of reasons for our inconsistency: injury, travel, CSAUPs, sickness, & holidays but inclement weather is not one of them. So as the rain pelted my window this morning there was no hesitation when it was time to get up and get better.

By the time YHC stepped out the door, the rain had stopped (as usual) & if the weather radar could be trusted it would not rain again for a few hours.

Arriving at the Hulk there was already one unfamiliar vehicle in the lot, it could have been a biker, or a walk, or just maybe a downrange Pax.  Unfortunately, after a few minutes, a biker did ride past my car and straight to the other vehicle. Oh well we still had time.

As I loaded up the fanny pack, locked the car, and stepped over to the Pavilion; another vehicle pulled in. The man who stepped out was unfamiliar, too. He did not attempt to unload a bike, however, he did look like he a was ready to run! He was fit, wearing a tank and trail shoes. YHC held my spot at the pavilion and waited to see if anyone else would arrive. Although I was wearing my F3 shirt, I did not approach the other man, nor did he approach me. Shortly thereafter, however, a second car arrived and out stepped a DR Pax (Stay Puff) sporting a Blue F3Rooster Shirt.

“Are you guys here to run?”

“Yes, sir . . . but we don’t know where to go.”

Perfect, “My name is Quaker & I’ll show you the way.”

They undoubtedly knew I meant business when I cranked up AC/DC on my phone and slipped it into the fanny pack.

By the time we made our acquaintances, it was 5 minutes past the hour and it did not appear that any other Pax would arrive, so off we ran.

I took them on a tour of the Intercoastal run path and Marina Parkway, which is a scenic route that would give these fellow runners a taste of what Hulkamania has to offer.

As we ran, YHC found out that the 2nd man, Mike, was from Eugene, Oregon and was in the process of moving to the GrandStrand. He and his wife are nurses & they have 2 children. The whole family is active and loves to run, bike, hike, swim, & everything outdoors.  He is a perfect fit for F3 and is excited to get plugged in.

We had a great run and when we returned to the Hulk we circled up for the naming of the FNG. He once again gave us his background info and then had no problem jumping right into an ’embarrassing’ story.

His story was not embarrassing at all. It was a very compassionate story about his first time helping a cancer patient with the removal of a painful impaction. Pain relieving narcotics cause multiple side effects. As more and more narcotics are used to ease the cancer pain, one of the major side effects is that the patients stool gets impacted in the colon and forms a hard ball that can not be expelled. When this happens it, too, is extremely painful and the impaction needs to manually be broken into small pieces and removed.

As he aided the patient with removal of the impaction, Mike & the patients had an ongoing conversation: A play by play if you will. As they talked, Mike described the contents as looking similar to little pearls. The removal was tedious and surely awkward. By the end of his shift he had made only minimal progress and he and the patient became frustrated as her pain continued. Mike felt that he left the patient down, because he could not remove the entire impaction and thought that the patient would “fire” him as her nurse.

The next day, however, Mike was greeted by a happy patient who was thankful for his previous efforts and dubbed him her little “Pearl Diver!”

With a story like that, it was easy to give Mike an appropriate F3 name . . . “Pearl Diver”

Welcome aboard!

Moleskin: It is important to consistently post. Do it for your fellow Pax; do it for the downrange Pax; and do it for that potential FNG who is looking to get plugged in to the Region.




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