Workout Date:



Jeter (2nd F Q Emeritus) and Hallpass (2nd F Q)


Teddy Toe Touches, Speed Bump, Head Gear, Rollup, 1st Base, Chicken Lil, Raven

The Thang:

So here it is, the 2nd annual laser tag night, and my last event as 2nd F. Its been a wild ride these past 18 months, being the 2nd F for the Grand Strand. We’ve had some laughs, some duds, and plenty of smiles. I would like to say it has been a success. Last year, Hall Pass and I came up with an idea of a laser tag 2.0 night, and it was a great success. So, like all good things, a sequel was in order. We rehashed the whole kit and kaboodle. Pizza at 5 at Coast Pizza (exactly like last year), followed by 6 pm laser tag at Ultra Zone Lazer Tag. So we put it out for the pax to sign up, and look forward to it. Time does it normal pace of too fast, and we woke up on the day for mortal lightspeed combat. So the night of 28 Jan begins, with the sun setting on a new leadership team for the Strand. Muster occurs at Coast Pizza, with onesies and twosies waddling in from all corners of the county, near and far. We began the celebration with a no holds barred feast of epic pizza. Being positively fueled, we proceed to the arena across the way, to settle a few blood feuds. 3 games being purchased, we traversed the threshold into the arena. Combat was conducted. There was CQB, sniping, tactics, team building, laughter, competition, feats of glory, flights of cowardice, and grand victories. A true Carb positive event was had.

Honored to serve this past year. Thank you to all of those who came out the past year to the various events that was held across both regions. The rest of the pax, I hope you have some FOMO which spurs you to get outside your 1st F comfort zone to experience the rewards of fellowship with fellow pax. While posting at beatdowns checks the box for attendance and makes you a dues paying member of the region, without the 2nd or 3rd F, you are robbing yourself of the full experience and all the riches it provides. We all have outside lives that need to be prioritized, and managed, but part of being a leader is knowing how to balance investments of your time for the best return. I would make the argument that 6hrs/year with your fellow pax outside the gloom will pay dividends beyond the best headgear managed 401K. Shoeless is the 2nd F going forward, and he has some not to be missed plans coming up. Make it a point to get outside your comfort zone, bring out your 2.0s, and/or Ms, and illustrate to them what this is all about. 2nd F is the proverbial glue for a reason, while people are drawn in by the 1st F, it is the fellowship, and comradery that keeps people coming back, and brings new men into the fold. The 3rd F is the dynamite that is used to blow up the obstacles holding the community back from achieving its full potential…like a rail line being laid through a mountain. With that being said, I am off my soapbox. Thank you to all who gave there time and came out, I hope you found it as rewarding, and enriching as I did.

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