Playing with squishy balls

Playing with squishy balls

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O’douls (CP AOQ) Hojo, Sunshine, Crabs First Base, Spork, Cropduster, laces, Hedgehog, Flatliner

The Thang:

  1. So with Covid issues my man O’douls  asked me to step and and Q for a fill in. Jumped on the chance especially since I got a new slam ball I’ve been wanting to try. Also this is the first month I haven’t been in the Q sheet in like a year and a half. Definitely a great moment that Catapult has grown to the point where we have such a great solid group that the OG’s don’t need to Q every month. Let the new guys step up and be the next leaders. It’s what’s it’s all about. Grow the group, plant new men, serve in a greater capacity.

Showed up early to get my board setup, balls placed and ready to go.

1 minute warning

lets go, oh wait here comes the convey of three more pax so YHC waited an additional minute to let the pax funnel in.

Proper disclaimer and excellent mission statement and the typical not sure how this will go statement.


15 IC of Each, Harry Rockets, Tempo Squats. Imperial Walkers, LBAC F,R, Chinook, SSH

I grabbed three pax’s and told the remaining pax to grab a block and head to the parking lot.

1) Pax arrived had everyone put blocks down and line up in straight line. Each pax takes a turn and does seven slam balls 15lb slam ball (why seven, 🤷🏻‍♂️) and pax slamming the ball calls out an exercise for the remaining  pax. Burpees, Merkins, LBC, Flutter, Drydocks, Lunges, Squats, Burpees again,  and a few more, heck I can’t remember, you should have showed up.

2) Next had Pax circle up in a fairly tight circle, everyone in squat position and throw the slam ball around the circle. Idea was to really engage the core and actually have some fun. It was a good time until O’douls starting crying that no one would let him play with the squishy ball. So I  asked that all pax throw the ball to O’douls so he could get his full of playing with the squishy ball.

3) Three stations, station one would be the block station. A combination of Seven pax would always be at the block station. Three rounds I dedicated to the white board but idea was Pax choose three exercises off the board, do ten reps and keep cycling through the list. A true you bs you workout. Go as hard you want or scale back as needed. List was basic curls, triceps, blockee, burpee, burp & merk, mt climber. LBC, Crunchy Block (re-invented crunchy frog)

Other four pax are as follows,

two pax on slam ball pass side shuffle parallel to white parking lot fence, pax pass the slam ball back and forth. Explained to pax that a core engagement is key to this exercise to reduce chance of injury. Velocity of a 15 pound squish ball can catch you off guard.

two pax on bear crawl side walk soccer ball pass. Pax parallel slam ball pax and go down and back between parking lot islands. Pass the ball back and forth with hands while doing a bear crawl. Coordination is key to this success.

idea here is the block pax and ball pax constantly swap out. All oyo and choose a partner and call someone out. Always four new pax on the balls, and always seven pax on the blocks. Like I said a true you vs you workout. Most of it modifiable some not as easy but all inviting for everyone.

This was a fun Q.  Not the hardest workout but not every workout needs to be the hardest ball buster workout. No pun intended. Thanks men for being my test subjects since some of this was new and off the wall for sure.

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freed to bleed in October 10 year,

prayers, unspoken

Honor to Lead



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