Pre-Run for a Sunshine Birthday Beatdown

Pre-Run for a Sunshine Birthday Beatdown

Workout Date:





Mudslide, Handy Manny, Crankbait, Kitten

The Thang:

YHC arrived at the AO parking lot just before 0450.  Handy Manny was ready and waiting.  As we observed the 1 minute warning, Mudslide rolled up and quickly stretched it out.  We took off toward the Hulk on our typical 1.7 mile path.  Mudslide added some difficulty to the run by placing his hands behind his back as we ascended Mount Myrtle (Intercostal Bridge), taking all momentum out of his stride.  He continued to cruise right along (#He’sBeenPracticing), as I struggled to keep up.  Handy floated right along, unphased by the incline.  We arrived at the Hulk, and met up with Kitten.  Rejuvenated by our new addition, we cruised back over the bridge, completing another 1.7 miles for a total of 3.4 miles this humid morning.


Sunshine proceeded to deliver a Birthday beatdown filled with running and burpees.  YHC rejoiced to see more running on the weinke (#sarcasm).  All were honored to be a part of Sunshine’s birthday Q and are grateful for his leadership as AO Q.


As the beatdown concluded, Kitten ran back to the Hulk to complete his final 1.7 mile leg.  Extra credit was claimed by all toward the Iron Flag.

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