Pythagoras  Would Be Proud!

Pythagoras  Would Be Proud!

Workout Date:





Candy Cane, Tiny Dancer, Jetah, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank

Conditions: Perfect

The Plank is like no other AO in the region! It provides a level of physicality and uniqueness that can not be duplicated. Not only is it under the bright lights (nowhere to hide) it provides stadium bleacher and 2 mobile pull-up bars!!

If you can muster the mental mettle to make it over the waterway, it will make you “2% better” (1% better is the modifier). The regular Planksters are a fit bunch and I knew I need to bring everything I got to my Q or I may not be asked back.

So the night before, I tediously wrote out a challenging beatdown, sprinkled in some Clint Eastwood trivia (because he is the quintessential tough guy), then turned it up a notch or two just to meet the bare minimum standard of The Plank.

As I walked through the gate and onto the field, Candy Cane & Tiny Dancer were completing the final lap of their 4:45 pre-run, which occurs before every beatdown.

As we gathered in the endzone, YHC was informed that Drifter was on IR and Cyclone was DR.  Boxcar HC’d for the pre-run but failed to post (He apparently was sweet talked by the Plantations Lake Crew & hoodwinked into attending Bling’s Q at Warthog).  Castaway was MIA and Rockytop was still on MLK break.  So the turnout might be a bit light today.

As I announced the 1 minute warning, Tiny also let me know that he was nursing a back injury and if Burpees were on the menu he’d finish his morning at The Waffle House.  . .Well,  now what was I going to do??

As I began the disclaimer, Jetah joined our group and YHC decided that if I couldn’t do what I had planned due to Tiny’s back injury I would keep my Wienkie for another day.  We would modify the work out and leave the stadium behind to seek our pain in the Gloom!!

Read on to relive all the fun & excitement or to find out what you missed!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 20 Merkins IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 Tempo Squats IC; 20 LBAC IC; 20 LBAC in Reverse IC

NOTE: as I called out each exercise I confirmed with Tiny that they would not aggravate his back, paying close attention to his response to Merkins!

Mosey out of the Stadium and hang a hard left into the Gloom to entered the basebase complex. As we ran from here to there we stopped periodically for 20 Merkins IC. We made 10 stops along the way, slipped in two 10 rep sets of Derkins, and talked about P200, Trail Fest, & Vegas.

As we completed our loop around the ball fields, Candy Cane noted that he was good for 16 reps but the last 4 were becoming a challenge. Tiny Dancer quipped, “I’m surprised that Quaker does have a bigger chest!”, as I completed each set with perfect form. 200 total Merkins were completed by each Pax (Jetah will confirm); Our chest and arms were smoked!!

Round 2 – continue looping through the baseball fields but this time we did 20 Flutter Kicks IC at each stop . . . 10 stops x 20 reps = 200 Flutter Kicks. . . abs on fire!

With 15 minutes to go we left the comfort of the Gloom and re-entered the stadium for some well-deserved leg work. . . We lunged across the football field in sets of 20 reps (about 20 yrds) with a brief pause to feel the burn along the way! Legs are now smoked, too! We were close to 2% better but not there quite yet . . . it was time for sprints!

As we took a short mosey to the corner of end zone, I asked the some Football Trivia:

  1. How long is a Football Field . . . (not 100 yards) . . . 120 yards! Don’t forget 10 yds for each end zone.
  2. How wide is a Football Field . . .(not 50 yds or 52 yrds) . . . 53 1/3 yards (Why?)(Nobody knows)
  3. What is the length of the hypotenuse if we cut the field diagonally in half? (No one’s gonna get this, right?) . . .

Tiny steps up and announces he can figure it out!! Let’s see.  . .But first we’ll sprint it!!

3,2,1 – Sprint the hypotenuse . . . at the end of the sprint, Tiny states that the Hypotenuse is 126 yrds , I say that can’t be right (I did no calculations, but it didn’t seem long enough) . . . but I would give him another chance . . .

3,2,1 – Sprint across the width of the football field. . . Tiny gave his final answer : 130.7 (That’s darn close!! . . . his answer was about .5 short!!! Not bad . . . now my mind’s smoked!!) . . . Lets take a victory lap!!

3,2,1 – Sprint the hypotenuse once more to the far corner!! . . .1 minute remaining!!

3,2,1 – Sprint the length of the football field back to the starting point

6:00 Time Called . . . and no Burpees!!



Announcements: 2% better!!

YHC prayed us out!