QvQ – Crankbait versus Soccer Coach Kevin (aka Boxcar)

QvQ – Crankbait versus Soccer Coach Kevin (aka Boxcar)

Workout Date:



Vitamin D (Host), Boxcar, Crankbait


The Intern, Quaker, Kitten, OneCall, Vitamin D, Humpback, Rockytop, Brown Bag, War Eagle, Handy Manny, Boxcar (QIC), Crankbait (QIC)

The Thang:

0445 (okay, maybe one pax showed at 0450) – 3 HIM (Handy, Vitamin D, and YHC) arrived at the AO for a supergloom Qsource on the Shield Lock.  High level discussion was held and inspiration was provided by the QIC (Handy).  As we completed this week’s installment of the #GetRight, we proceeded out to the lot for a QvQ beatdown.

As a little bit of mental warfare, I texted Boxcar the night before the beatdown and asked him if he could bring some soccer balls to the Village for the workout I was planning.  He graciously agreed.  I knew he would be up to some shenanigans for his portion of the Q, so I wanted him thinking (“What are all of these soccer balls for?).  He came through producing a huge bag of 12 soccer balls (#nextRUCKcoupon).  Turned out to be the exact number to accommodate the 12 HIM who showed for the workout.  How did he know?  Was the “fix” already in by the AOQ?  We were all about to find out.

1 minute warning given by VitaminD, followed by an VERY thorough C.O.P.  Groans were heard throughout the circle before Boxcar could even take over.


Round 1 – Boxcar conducted a scavenger hunt around the AO, dealing pain in the form of Burpees and some very small (4 inches?) tokens hidden around the AO.  These must be the prototypes for the “Best Hair in the Nation” medals OneCall is having Bling produce.  Well done sir!

Round 2 – YHC (complete with whistle and soccer socks) conducted a workup inspired by “CoachKBeach” better known as Boxcar.  All pax collected a soccer ball and moseyed to the soccer fields.  ACDC blared in the background.

  • Partner burpees (x25) – One pax burpees with the soccer ball, solid chest pass to his partner, 2nd pax burpees with the soccer ball.  Rinse and repeat x 25
  • Lazy Dora
    • One handed soccer ball merkins / Soccer ball planks – 1st Pax does 10 reps, while the other is performing the 2nd exercise.  Flip flop for 60 total reps.
    • Overhead soccer ball squats / Alternating toe touches – 10 reps each x 3 rounds = 60
  • Amrap Ab Burnout
    • Flutter kicks, weaving soccer ball between legs #beCareful
  • TIME

Round 3 – Boxcar continued with his scavenger hunt around the AO.  More very handsome tokens were found.  Fake News was shared in the form of trivia.  By the way – Brown Bag – how do you know I wasn’t an All-American Tennis Player in my prime. #Obvious

Round 4 – In search of QvQ points, YHC and the Pax collected our soccer balls again and moseyed to the other side of the AO.   Partnered up at speed bump #1.

  • Sprint Dora – One pax performed the exercise, while the other sprinted to speed bump #2 and back
    • Two handed soccer ball close grip merkins – feel the burn, watch your form!
    • Soccer ball jump squats
    • Soccer ball carolina dry docks
  • Partner up, back to back – American Hammers x 50, passing the soccer ball back and forth (medicine ball style)
  • Amrap Ab Burnout #3
    • Flutter kicks, weaving soccer ball between legs
  • TIME


Count-o-rama = 12


Announcements – Dragon boat is full!  Job well done Brown Bag.  QSource continues.  Vitamin D re-iterated the high points from our Shield lock discussion.  Various pax discussed the possibility of moving beatdowns up to start at 0515.

Vitamin D prayed us out.  It was an honor to be on Co-Q with our fearless Village AOQ – Boxcar.  110% was given by all Pax.


Verse of the Day – Ecclesiastes 4:12

“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.  Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”


Aye – Crankbait



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