Rain builds better leaders

Rain builds better leaders

Workout Date:





Rubber, Brownbag (Nantan), Castaway (AOQ), Pikachu (Catapult AOQ)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions 40’s and Rain

Since my time as Catapult AOQ is coming to an end soon I wanted to start making the transition. Visiting other AO’s as I have really dedicated myself to my Home AO and haven’t Q’d much anywhere else during the week. So I jumped on the Village Q sheet before it filled up. I figured Sade and Tiny dancer would make an appearance. But apparently rain has kept most everyone away. Thanks to our Nantan keeping himself accountable to other men and showing support. I appreciate the men who showed up today. Anyway I did have a solid plan with a mix of a strong run mixed with some strong leg work. But Mother Nature has other plans. Making adjustments on the fly is what really builds character.

One Minute warning

Proper Disclaimer

15 Harry Rockets IC, 20 TS  IC, 5 Merkins oyo, 20 IW IC, 5 Merkins oyo, 20 HB IC, 5 Merkins oyo, 20 LBACF,R, OHC, Seal Claps, 20 SSH IC, 10 Merkins oyo

A total of 25 Merkins for the last time the Bills won a playoff game.

Since it’s cold and rainy it was best to workout under the canopy. Had to adjust this workout a little bit bit made it work

Merkins 200 P1 does Merkins while P2 mosey between the doors twice. (original plan was to mosey the streets and randomly stop for some Merkins)

we made a dash for the block pile for the next segment. 

All about the Benjamins, 25 Curls, 25 Lunge Walk, 25 Squats, 25 Lunge Walks. Told the Pax we need to keep the block through the this series. We don’t put the block down until the last man was done.

Flutter Kicks 300 2 Ct, same Dora mosey as Merkins.

Imperial Squat Walkers 50 total with block.

Apollo Creed Burpees –  Pax were not impressed with these. Well saved by the bell.

spelled (MAFIA) for #Billsmafia.

Took the blocks back and circled up for some Mary.

Told pax a max of 20 reps

Castaway – 15 LBC IC

Rubber – Yoga holds of pain and discomfort

Brownbag – I think I forgot him here. Dang. That’s messed up

Pikaxhu – 20 Crunchy Frog 🐸 IC


Count-O-Rama 4


Announcements – Freedtobleed, Growruck

Prayers, My mom and co-workers

Asked Castaway to lead us in prayer.

Brownbag made a statement that we should always question authority. Good leaders don’t blindly follow, they ask questions and question everything they are uncertain about.






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