Rain is lucky right? Right?!

Rain is lucky right? Right?!

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Handy Manny, Beefsteak, High Interest, Quaker, Vitamin D, Crainkbait, Rubber, El Red Cardo, Brownbag, Skidmark, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 60s and rain

YHC showed up a little earlier to the AO to get in on the F3 Q Source discussion held right before the beatdown. If you haven’t been yet, I HIGHLY recommend it… great discussion. I was a little worried because it was a little drizzly as I walked into Q Source, but Crainkbait reminded me that we had 45 min for it to hopefully clear up a bit. Being my VQ, I wanted everything to be just right for a nice workout.

God must have a sense of humor. (More on that in a bit)

You know how they say that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, well hopefully the same applies to rain on your VQ day.

8 of us finished up the Q Source discussion and headed out to the parking lot, where we were greeted by Brown Bag, El Red Cardo, and Skidmark.

1 minute warning

Hello, welcome to F3, disclaimer… hopefully I didn’t mess up or miss anything. (Pax confirmed that I was doing alright) Whew. Let’s do this!

Warm Up:

IC 15 reps of SSHs, Through the Tunnel, Windmill, Imperial Walkers, and 20 reps LBACs forward and reverse (which I now realize is almost exactly the same as Rousey’s warmup the day before, great minds?)

Finished up with a couple of laps around the parking lot and finishing at the coupon pile.

*Conditions: Not really raining, things might be looking up*


Partnered up for a modified DORA. My plan was to do a four corners DORA around the parking lot, but the weather forced us to change that up a bit.

First Corner: 100 total reps

Partner 1: Blockees/manmakers

Partner 2: Lap around the parking lot

Plank when done, so we can move to the next corner as a group.

*Rain starting to come down a little bit, but really not that bad. But halfway through the exercise, I realized my first mistake of the VQ… I consulted with Beefsteak. 100 reps of blockees?!?*

Partner 1 – bear crawls to next corner

Partner 2 – carries block to next corner

Second Corner: 200 total Reps

P1 – Curls

P2 – Suicides down the parking lot with an extra 5 merkins at the end

*The drizzle turns into an all-out downpour during the first part of this exercise. It was at this point that I realized my second mistake of the VQ… I also consulted with Handy Manny.*

Due to the monsoon that we were now experiencing, I decided to move us out of the elements and under the awning instead of sticking to my corners plan. So we mosey to the awning and of course, this is where the big man upstairs was having some fun… the rain stops. But we are already here, let’s roll with it.

Third Corner?: 300 total reps

P1 – 2 count Mountain Climbers on the block

P2 – Run to the gate and back

Fourth Corner (which was still the third corner/under the awning): 400 total reps

P1 – Single Count American Hammers ON the block (or for the beastly ones, on the ground and WITH the block)

P2 – Run to the gate and back

Extra Time:

Finished with Beefsteak’s choice of exercise (plank jacks) for what was supposed to be a 10 count, but somehow turned into 40?! (third mistake)

Followed that up with some flutter kicks


*Toted our blocks back to the coupon pile and of course the monsoon starts up again (thanks big guy).*


Count-O-Rama: 11


Announcements: Q Source is going every week. Definitely recommend attending as many sessions as you can. Sign up to Q for the upcoming months. Iron Flag is out now (post 20 times in a month and you can sign it I think). Still looking for some volunteers for P200 and Brown Bag is looking into leading the Dragon Boat race effort.

Prayer requests: Beefsteak’s M is due any day now. Any unspoken.



Some may look at the rain as a deterrent, but if you really think about it… everybody that posted got a workout AND a shower. #efficiency

But seriously, I am truly humbled by the number of guys that braved the elements and came out to my VQ. You guys always push me to get better and it was an absolute honor to lead. Hope the beat down was sufficient, bc there were some beasts out there today!


Texas Ranger

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