Rain No Shine

Rain No Shine

Workout Date:





Rousey, Doughboy, Jeter, Quaker, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:


Conditions: Wet, Cold.  Weather app said 37 degrees with a feels like of 27.  Rain was light but steady. Add a little bit of wind and it was great.  It felt like GrowRuck 17 in Pinehurst so I dressed accordingly.

CrossStitch is such a great AOQ, he lined me up what feels like months ago to Q today.  I kinda forgot all about it.  As Sunday was winding down this week and I was looking at my schedule, I had planned to take Wednesday off to let my body rest and to get into the office a little early since my day was looking busy.  Kiwi and Shoeless were trying to talk Manziel and I into posting The Republic today and I gave them the SC since I really want to post up with those HIM.  Next thing you know, I’m tagged on Twitter and also got the gentle reminder text from the AOQ himself so there goes posting at The Republic or sleeping in!  Kiwi was talking all about the expected crappy conditions so I thought about just taking the PAX out away from the AO and really embracing the elements.  I also had a thought about keeping us under the awning the entire time.  I recycled my beatdown from Saturday since by my calculations, there would be no repeat PAX.  I changed a few things up to fit the AO and it was coming together.  Rousey was the first to show, riding his bike in the rain.  He tried taking me into really laying it on the guys, staying in the rain and rolling around in puddles!  Hmmm. Maybe a little of both!  Let’s go!

1 Minute Warning



SSHs Until Quaker wakes up, gets out of his car and joins us.   We got to about 44…did you guys walk by my car??? I didn’t even see you…

IW x10 IC

Some other stuff…

Mosey the perimeter of the parking lot passing the start point all the way back to the far corner of the lot.  

AMRAP each exercise for 45 seconds with a 10 second break:

Plank – 1 Minute

SEAL Jacks

High Knees



Imperial Walker Squats

Reverse Lunge

Mosey the perimeter of the parking lot stopping at the awning.


Mountain Climbers

Mike Tyson’s

Peter Parker’s

Plank Calf Raise

Parker Peters

Mosey the perimeter of the parking lot stopping back at the awning.



American Hammers

Hello Dollys



Continuous plank and Merkins:

Hold Plank – 1 Minute

10 Merkins

Hold Plank 1 Minute

10 Merkins

Hold Plank 1 Minute

10 Merkins

Hold Plank 1 Minute

10 Merkins

Hold Plank 1 Minute

Mosey around the building back to the start point. 



Prayers – Family Members Health – Mental Battles – 

Shout out to these men that posted today!  Rousey rode his bike in the crappy weather!  Doughboy pushed me hard as I was trying to keep up with his count on the AMRAPs!  Quaker always brings his A game…after he wakes up.  And Jeter, well, we’re glad you posted!  

Always an honor!

-Headgear out!!!