Rain or Shine, or just rain

Rain or Shine, or just rain

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One Call, Valvano, Hoser, Turn & Cough, Bling

The Thang:

Elevation Monday- relocated to the Hulk this week, appreciate everyone willing to make the change (and hoping no one was at Doug Shaw at 0500!).  Asked for sand bags and got them!  Picked up my Amigo at 0450 and made our way to the Hulk on this rainy, 70 degree morning!

100 pound & 3 60 pound (although Valvano’s felt like 55).  5 PAX and 4 coupons

made our way over the bridge, Valvano and I shared the 100 pounder across the bridge.  drop bags on other side by dog park.  rest/walk back over bridge.  Indian Ruck/walk back over- this was a nice change of pace.

meet at the sandbags, drop rucks for some hills/bags.  Partner up (Turn & Hoser, OC and Valvano.  I took Valvano’s 50 pound bag myself). Clean and toss bags:

Hoser & Turn start at the GO and clean and toss bag up the to 50 meter line.  OC & V take the bag from the 50 to the 100 line.  at the end of 50 meter toss, mosey to top of bridge. (I started at the 250 and went up to meet at top of bridge). walk/rest back down to bags, switch distances with the partners.  Hoser & Turn, go from 100 to 150, then mosey to top.  OC & Valvano, go from 50 to 100 and mosey up.  I did 300- 350 with Valvano’s 45 pound bag solo.

this was a nice change of  lifting/elevation that left all of us breathing heavy!  walk/rest back to rucks, leaving the 60 pounders where they were on the incline.  stay with partner on the 100 pounder.  Hoser & Turn, farmer carry to 1st bag at the 100 meter mark- switch to OC & Valvano, with Hoser grabbing the 1st 60 pounder.  OC & V taking the 100 to the top of bridge.  Turn grabbed the 2nd 60 pounder halfway up the incline- so when we all got to the top of bridge, all 4 bags were accounted for.  Bling grabbed the 100 pounder on back, Valvano grabbed his 40 pounder and off to the bottom of bridge as time was cutting it close.  OC grabbed my 100  starting the decline (this thing is brutal!) and completed the trek.

great work by these dudes in the rain and wind- uncomfortable and heavy.

prayed out- TIME


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