Recovery Day?

Recovery Day?

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The Thang:

For those who posted at Catapult Tuesday, you participated in roughly 0.75 miles of bear crawl-pushup hell courtesy of Sunshine. It was a great beatdown. I wanted to craft a Q Thursday that was highly modifiable; a butt-kicking if you wanted it, an active recovery day if you wanted that. Did I succeed? Meh, but it was only my 2nd Q so I still get a long leash.

Warm Up: 20 Tempo Squat IC… 15 TTT IC… 15 LBAC f/r, 15 Overhead Clap IC… 20 Merkins OYO… SSH 20 IC…

Mosey to the Cross, circle up… 20 step-ups… 15 Incline Merkins… 30 calf raises on curb… 10 decline merkins, feet on curb.

Mosey to bleachers… 25 dips OYO… Circle up, hold plank. Count around to a 30 count. Pax FLEW through the count. Not much enthusiasm for core work today.

Mosey to wall… wall sit with one leg elevated. Again, count around by each Pax. Held left leg and right leg up during wall sit for 20 count each.

Mosey to blocks, circle up in skinny lot. Curls with a static hold in the middle, flex at the top, static hold on the way down, repeat. Each rep lasted about 10 seconds for time under tension.  15 reps, followed by 10 full nuts-to-chin reps.

Overhead press- Pax held the block overhead until the man to his right did a rep, at which point he also did a full rep and went back to a static hold overhead. Didn’t count reps, tried to read the group until Pax’ shoulders started to smoke.

Partner up; P1 does 20 one-arm rows (10 each side) while P2 does LBCs…. P1 15 block merkins, P2 Big Boy SUs until P1 finishes…. P1 10 pullovers, P2 tricep extensions… P1 10 Blockees while P2 holds a plank. Pikachu farted 3-4 times during partner time and each one sounded like he should have stepped away to attend to his undergarments. A true warrior though, kept exercising.

Form single file line (you’d be amazed how badly 40-50 year old men can butcher a single file line). Proceed to Indian Run (you’d be amazed how badly 40-50 year old men can butcher an Indian Run). Indian run should have taken 90 seconds around the AO but it took 3 minutes with an inordinate amount of mumblechatter about when you’re supposed to run, how fast, etc.

I had sprints in the grass field penciled in on my cheat sheet, but for reasons stated above and a lack of some of the gifted runner Pax on this day, I opted for a lunge-bear crawl-lunge-bear crawl superset. 50 yards down, rinse and repeat. I don’t want people to dread my Qs in the future, but had there been more knee cartilage and enthusiasm in the group, we had a few full field sprints penciled in. I freaking hate sprints which is why I’m going to make myself do them a little more going forward.

Seriously though, everyone did really well and new member Judge Judy has legitimately made serious progress in just 7-10 days. Fist bump to Judge Judy, and for the rest of the HIM for picking each other up when needed.

Circle up for 5 mins of core- 10 big boys, 20 flutters IC two count, 10 froggy crunches

Prayers- Bonnie for continued peace and healing, Owen for his broken arm and a strong comeback, Cross Stitch’s mom for positive results from her scan, as well as healing, comfort, understanding. I really feel like I missed a prayer request in the circle; sincere apologies if I did. My brain scrambles at this phase of the Q.

Asked God to empower each Pax to do one thing outside his comfort zone to help another person today, and I’m renewing that challenge now if you are reading this.

I tried to avoid the dreaded 2nd Q Sophomore slump. Every Q has its ups and downs, but I enjoyed the fellowship and elevated heart rate with each of you.



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