Relaxing morning at Warthog

Relaxing morning at Warthog

Workout Date:





Backdraft, Geno, Wolverine, Stewey, Turn and cough, Fergie, Disconnect

The Thang:

50 side straddle hops, 40 imperial walkers, run, 30 mercan, 30 heels to heaven, run, 50 helow dolly, 15 diamond mercan, run, 50 flutter kicks, 20 hand release mercan, run, , 25 wipers, one handed mercan (lady catchers), run, 90 sec plank, 20 hand release mercan, run, 11’s over bridge (burpies and knee high jump squats), run, COT

Stewey showed out, good job.  Good push by everybody else except Geno


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