Return to Monkee Beach

Return to Monkee Beach

Workout Date:





Rousey, War Eagle, Intern, Skidmark, Sunshine, Nip Tuck, Crankbait, Quaker

The Thang:

YHC arrived early to the AO to set up Monkee Beach. The Pax (other than Rousey)started to roll in around 5:59  & we greeting by sounds of

1 minute warning (kinda)



25x SSH IC

22x Merkins IC

15x IW IC

22x Merkins IC

15x TTT

22x Merkins IC

20x Arm Circles (F), (R)

20x Overhead Press

22x Merkins IC

Mosey to Monkee Beach

This beatdown was heavily influenced by Quaker’s Muscle Beach. YHC  decided to bring out the kettlebells & even the club bell for this one.

The Beach Boys continued to play as the Pax entered Monkee Beach. We paired up & due to odd numbers YHC was left solo until Head Gear& Jingles took me in.

The Thang: 

Monkee beach was set up into 10 stations of awesomeness. Partner 1 completes their choice of 1 of the 2 exercises posted in the station AMRAP, while Partner 2 runs the perimeter of the parking lot. Once both partners have completed the exercise they plank & wait on the 6. Recover and move to the station on their left.

Station 1

Blockees or Alternating Push-ups

Station 2

Jump Squats or Rocky Balboa

Station 3

Single Arm #25 KB swings or Single Arm Press

Station 4

#45 KB Curls or Triceps extensions

Station 5

Big Boys or Freddie Mercury

Station 6

#70 KB Shrugs or Deadlifts

Station 7

#35KB Double Arm Swing or Goblet Squat

Station 8

27.5# Club Bell He-Mans or Super Marios

Station 9

Mountain Climbers or Merkins

Station 10

Shoulder Taps or Plank Jacks

After the stations the PAX moseyed back to the the shovel flag  knocked out

15x Tempo Squats

22x Merkins IC

Time was called

Count O Rama

Name O Rama

Prayers: For the speedy recovery from the illness & injury bug that seems to be lurking here in the gloom.

Announcements: Check out the newest AO Catapult starting on Tuesday.


Moleskin: It was an honor to lead these HIM. It takes a special brand of man to get up & get after it on Saturday.YHC got to bring all the iron toys out the garage & share them with the Pax on their trip to Monkee Beach. This beatdown was not meant to be easy but the HIM crushed it. Even though technically I’m a visitor it always feels like home. Thanks for having me out.


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