Revenge of the Bunnies

Revenge of the Bunnies

Workout Date:





Spork (AOQ BombSquad); Bobby Filet; Humpback; Brown Bag (Nant’an); Rubber; ERC; Beefsteak; Texas Ranger (AOQ Village); Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 64 degrees; Humid

Spork needed some coverage for BombSquad and YHC was well rested and ready to lead. YHC worked diligently on his Weinke the night before so as not to disappoint the PAX. Brown Bag was tapped to create an appropriate playlist, and Spork piqued the interest of the PAX on Twitter by asking if Trivia would be on the agenda.

The traffic patterns on Carolina Forest Blvd have recently changed so YHC left early to get to the AO and set up. The set up was simple, 4 cones 25 yrds apart were placed on the saturated, squishy football field. When YHC parked, Spork rolled up, planted the Shovel Flag, and asked if there would be trivia this morning. Although it wasn’t initially on the plan, I thought I could come up with some questions for the PAX during the COP.

Next to arrive was Bobby Filet in his white Volvo XC, at first YHC thought that Hamburglar skipped his own Q at the Oyster to come and support Big Monday, but YHC was excited to see Bobby Filet out in the Gloom for his 3rd day! Humpback and One Call put some serious beatdowns on during Bobby Filet’s first 2 outings and YHC knew today’s beatdown would not disappoint, either.

Brown Bag was next to arrive. He was fired up and ready for anything after the Browns historic win on Sunday.  The world-famous DJ equipment was set up and “Welcome to the Jungle” was cranked up!

The rest of the PAX came rolling in: Rubber, Beefsteak, Humpback, ERC, and Texas Ranger. Rubber did some Handstand/yoga warm-ups as the rest of the PAX channeled his energy, then the 1-minute warning was given. Read on to find out what you missed and/or to relive the ever-exciting shenanigans of another installment of BIG Monday!!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer



Trivia #1 – “What Holiday is Today?” – Spork had no idea

Answer #1 – Columbus Day

Exercise: 20 Imperial Walkers IC

Trivia #2 – “What Year did Columbus discover America?” – Bobby Filet got it right with a little help from the PAX

Answer #2 – 1492

Exercise: 14 Merkins, hold plank; 9 Merkins, hold plank; 2 Merkins = 1492

Trivia #3 – “Name One of the Ships that sailed to the New World.” – Texas Ranger gave correct answer

Answer #3 – Santa Maria (Nina & Pinta were also shouted out by Humpback)

Exercise: 10 Burpees OYO

Trivia #4 – “What island did Columbus land on” – Rubber answered Plymouth Rock – wrong

Answer #4 – San Salvador

Exercise: 10 Burpees OYO

Trivia #5 – What nationality was Christopher Columbus?” – Humpback said Spanish, then Portuguese – wrong

Answer #5 – Italian

Exercise: 15 Hillbillies IC

Trivia #6 – What Country did Christopher Columbus sail for?” ERC had no problem getting this one

Answer #6 – Spain

Exercise: 15 Tempo Squats

Trivia #7 – “How many ships did [not] make the return trip to Spain?” Beefsteak got it right

Answer #7 – One

Exercise: Little Baby Arm Circles in Reverse IC

Trivia #8 – “Name one state who’s capital is named after Christopher Columbus.” – Spork said Missouri – wrong again! Although the University of Missouri is located in Columbia (which is named after Columbus) the Capital of Missouri is Jefferson City

Answer #8 – Ohio

Exercise: Little Baby Arm Circles in Reverse IC

Trivia #9 – Name the NFL Football team that is 3-1 (First time in 26 years) & resides in the state with a Capital named after Christopher Columbus . ..  This was a special question saved for last, just for Brown Bag

Answer #9 – The Cleveland Browns!!

NOTE: Brown Bag was not allowed to answer any questions until the last one b/c he knew all the answers (He must have been educated in the 80’s). Humpback being a few years younger also showed a firm grasp of history, however, he had to be given numerous “time outs” b/c he kept talking out of turn & blurting out answers to help other PAX.

Mosey to the Coupon Pile . . . everyone grabs a Cinder Block & on to the Football Field



Round #1

Murder Bunny 25 yrds . . .Plank on the Six . . . 25 Block Merkins

Murder Bunny 25 yrds . . .Plank on the Six . . . 25 Overhead Press

Murder Bunny 25 yrds. . .Plank on the Six . . . 25 Block Squats

Murder Bunny 25 yrds. . .Plank on the Six . . . 25 Block Curls


Round #2

Murder Bunny 50 yrds. . .Plank on the Six . . . 50 Mountain Climbers (2ct)

Murder Bunny 50 yrds. . .Plank on the Six . . . 50 Mountain Climbers (2ct)


Round #3

Murder Bunny 100 yrds. . .Plank on the Six . . . PAX were given a choice between 100 Burpees or 100 SSH. . . PAX unanimously selected . . , 100 SSH (single count)

10 Count

Murder Bunny 100 yrds. . .Plank on the Six . . . 5 Blockees (due to time restraints!!!)

Return Cinder Blocks to the Coupon Pile, then mosey to Shovel Flag & circle up

Mary Around the Horn

Quaker – 15 Flutterkicks IC

ERC – 15 Heels to Heaven

Spork – 4 long range Supermans

Bobby Filet – 15 BBS OYO

Beefsteak – 15 American Hammers

6:00 – Time Called

Announcements: Annual Halloween Convergence – 10/31/2020 (AO TBD); Freed to Bleed – 10/30/2020 – Carolina Forest Rec Center; Village needs some days filled on the Q sheet;

Prayers: Kayleigh – 6 year old battling cancer; Weedeater and his family; Jacob Hancher’s family; All Pax who were unable to post and/or struggling with burdens; Prayers unspoken.

Moleskin: Honor to lead this fine group of men. The mumble chatter was high during the COP but suprisingly went silent for the beatdown, I wonder why??? 🙂








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