Ruck, Run, Ruck, Run…..Faster!!

Ruck, Run, Ruck, Run…..Faster!!

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Valvano, Hoser, Lombardi, Disconnect, Bling

The Thang:

Waverucker Wednesday- still attempting to make this a National Weekly Holiday.  update coming this Nov after the elections.

OK- this is our last training sessions before we conquer the MB Marathon this weekend!  So- we would simply do miles this am.

posted in Slack- 5 minute fast pace ruck, then 1 minute mosey.  Weather- 60 and perfect to move and sweat.

made our way down Avenger path and thru the back of the airport and all the way to the Warthog plane doing the 5 min/1 min routine.  Solid push- made it there in 40 minutes.  turn around there and reverse the route all the way back to the AO.  But we would now go 7 minutes of rucking and 1 minute mosey.  As you can see from Valvano’s stats- we were moving quickly here!  made it back with a few  minutes to spare!  so, take the rucks off and get to the track sprint the straightway and mosey the 2 turns/curves.  We were smoked!

great work by all- we are READY!

5.63 miles  in 1:18 total.  13:56 mile pace average!  Much thanks to Valvano for keeping the watch and CONSTANTLY telling us we have 10 seconds until we have to run again!


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